Movies and design: A hundred and one reasons to get out and about in May

Movies and design: A hundred and one reasons to get out and about in May

With spring literally in full bloom the city bursting with energy, there is no better time to head outdoors and explore all that Tel Aviv has to offer. The pleasant spring weather has not yet been replaced by the stifling Middle Eastern summer heat, laying the groundwork for a perfect environment for exploring the city by foot or biking.  Below is two upcoming events that should not be missed if you are spending the last couple of weeks in May in the White City.

Open House Tel Aviv, May 14 - 16 Discover Tel Aviv from within next weekend when Open House Tel Aviv gives access to designer lofts, urban villas, unique synagogues, architecturally significant public buildings, curious construction sites, plazas and gardens.  Come and be inspired by the diverse architecture of the city by exploring over 150 different homes and public spaces that are open to the public. The first Open House Tel Aviv was held five years ago and like its five predecessor this year’s event will showcase interesting homes, unique apartments and public buildings each with their own distinct architectural design.  Dozens of architectural tours will also be offered throughout the city; all free of charge and open to the public at large. The Open house events are held worldwide in over 50 countries. The simple but powerful concept of giving the public access to outstanding architecture free of charge for all to see is perfectly suited for Tel Aviv with its mix of White City Bauhaus heritage and living traces of ancient civilizations as taken from the a page of Arabian Nights that can be found in Jaffa.

The 17th Docaviv International Film Festival The biggest movie related event of the year is back in the city and this year it is bigger than ever.  The international documentary film festival has become one of the leading cultural events in Israel and has a solid reputation as the top documentary festival in the region. This year over 100 films have been chosen for 200 screenings at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque as well as in handpicked locations all over the city. Head to the Tel Aviv Port from Sunday to Wednesday night for a free outdoor screening of four different films with a music theme followed by a top DJ to keep your night going.

The Habima Square in the heart of the city will also host screenings. On Thursday night, May 14 the American documentary “Mr Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown’” will be projected onto the side of Habima theater building. Those interested in design and architecture should head to a rooftop on Rivlin 5 on Friday night, May 15 for the screening of  two special documentaries about architecture; the German/ Swiss film ‘Concrete Love’ and Danish/ French film ‘The Infinite Happiness’

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