Spring in Tel Aviv: Perfect for a Family Vacation

Spring in Tel Aviv: Perfect for a Family Vacation

Spring has finally arrived. It’s a time for renewal and rejuvenation. After a long winter it’s  a great time for some family bonding. Why not come to Israel and make Tel Aviv your home away from home? Everything you could possibly want for a complete dream vacation is right here in Tel Aviv—including access to tours across the country.

Here are some tips and suggestions for making Tel Aviv your home and how to get the most out of your vacation.

The Beach

The beaches in Israel are stunning all along the country’s seashore. Tel Aviv's glorious beaches specifically are usually buzzing with energy, lots of tourists, locals and of course, the healing sun is shining most days. The resort-like restaurants offer food and drink service in the sun or shade. It’s pure paradise and ideal for families. You can also buy all accessories from the beach kiosks. The sea is stunning, but if the water is still too cool for swimming , you still sit on the beach and indulge in the great food and breathtaking view, while your kids play in the sand.


Tel Aviv Port
Close to all the beaches and easy to get to by car or bus, the port is a favorite family destination. It’s a perfect place to stroll, eat and shop. There are many popular restaurants to choose from like Landwer Café and Aroma, as well as a few  fish and Asian restaurants. With many high-end shops from sports to chic, and a kid’s playground, you can all have the best of both worlds and find something exciting for the whole family.

This is where history meets the culinary world, architecture, and shopping. Built on the grounds of an old German Templar Colony, Sarona has become one of Tel Aviv’s most popular destinations for both tourists and locals. This urban oasis located across the street from the famous Azrieli Mall, has tons of stores, restaurants and boutiques throughout the grounds. One thing is certain: you shouldn’t leave without visiting the Sarona Market. The indoor, and upscale market is a site in-and-of itself. It was created in the spirit of some world-renowned markets such as Borough Market in London, Chelsea Market in New York, and La Boqueria in Barcelona and is a great spot for your family to browse around and stop for a meal.

The Tachana (The Old Railway Station)
Close to Jaffa, is the old railway station that operated the railway between Jaffa and Jerusalem from 1892-1948. This has become another historical tourist site with restaurants and shops. They often have children’s shows on Saturdays and on most days also offer a humorous movie inside a preserved carriage that tells the story of the railway.

Day Trips Across Israel
It’s nice to have a fun and convenient way to tour the must-see attractions such as Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Masada. The popular Israeli company, Egged Tours, offers day tours of those particular sites (among others). Taking guided tours to those specific places are recommended. If you decide you want to see more of Jerusalem after the fact, for example, you can take the bus there or rent a car.

Where to Stay in Tel Aviv
Make Tel Aviv your home base at the Sea Executive Suites, as you explore the beautiful city and the rest of the country’s treasures.

Cook and enjoy meals in your luxury suite, or take the whole family out for a dining experience. The hotel is centrally located, right across from the beach and close to all the best attractions.  Don’t miss out on the special promotions that await you.  


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