Getting around in Tel Aviv and Israel

Getting around in Tel Aviv and Israel

There are a variety of ways to get around in Tel Aviv, including …

By Train:

Israel Railways are modern, clean trains that regularly operate throughout Israel, with destinations including Jerusalem, Herzliya and Haifa. One of four train stops in Tel Aviv, HaShalom is the closest stop to Sea Executive Suites (about two kilometers inland). Israel Railways doesn’t run during Shabbat, stopping late Friday afternoon and starting again Saturday evening after sundown.

By Sherut:

The preferred method of transportation in Tel Aviv, sheruts are shared minibuses that fit about 10 people. Within Tel Aviv, a one-way trip costs 6 shekels. Sheruts don’t have predetermined stops like regular buses; rather, you can call for a sherut by standing on the street and raising your hand when you see one, like you would with a personal taxi cab. Once on the sherut, tell the driver where you would like to be dropped off (either an intersection or place). Sheruts also travel between cities — ask the front desk for more information about this option. Unlike Israel Railways and buses, sheruts run during Shabbat.

By Taxi Cab:

Like in most cities, cabs are plentiful. Simply walk to a main street (such as Herbert Samuel, the street between the hotel and the Mediterranean Sea) to get in one, or we’ll be happy to call a cab for you at the front desk.

By Bike:

Tel-O-Fun is a popular bike rental service with several pick-up and drop-off stations located throughout Tel Aviv. 

By Bus:

Buses are also a popular method of transportation within Tel Aviv, and between cities. Within Tel Aviv, a one-way fare costs 6.60 shekels. Like Israel Railways, buses don’t run during Shabbat (late Friday evening and throughout Saturday day).


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