The Red Bus

The Red Bus

The Red Tour Bus

Like any other well-toured city, Tel Aviv offers a tour bus (line no. 100) which departs from the Tel-Aviv port (The station is located at the Port's entrance at Hayarkon St.) and travels around the city, via Herbert Samuel boardwalk, old Jaffa, Rothschild Blvd, Dizengoff Center, Rabin Square (where Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated in 1995), Azrieli Towers, Ramat Aviv (The University) and back to the port.

The Red Bus has huge windows and a convertible roof which is open during summertime, a handset located in every seat provides information in 8 different languages.

You may get on or off the bus at any of the stations.


The bus is active Sunday to Thursday between 09:00 a.m-16:00 (4 PM).

On Friday between 09:00 AM -13:00 (1 PM)

The tour costs 45 shekels for an adult and 36 shekels for children (up to the age of 12); it is a great quick way to get to know the history of Tel- Aviv as well as good geographical bearings within the city.

For more information you can contact them directly at or call 03-6394444, 3456* from any phone.


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