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Surf's Up!

Get out your sunscreen and sunflower seeds; it’s time to wax your surf boards and head down to one of the awesome surfer-friendly beaches in Tel Aviv.

Due to its location, on the eastern Mediterranean coastline, Tel Aviv is not a known hotspot for surfing enthusiasts; however popularity is blossoming.

The blend of beach culture, hospital weather conditions, and a serious lack of sharks brings boarders in droves to wait for that perfect wave all year round.

With over 10 surfing schools and beaches filled with long haired, bronzed bodied guys and gals, you could easily mistake the Tel Aviv coast for South Beach.

The surfing here is laid-back, the waves are medium sized and the sea is warm. Kite and wind surfing are readily available and courses can be taken for beginners and the more advanced to learn: control; jumps and free style tricks.

Popular Surfing Hotspots

Hilton Beach: Arguably the best surfing spot in Tel Aviv because it has the best reef break in Israel. For bigger waves, you’ll have to go out past the jetties. The only downsides are that the waves are dominated by longboards, and in shallow waters it can get pretty rocky.
Dolphinarium Beach: This beach is definitely the closest in character to well-known international surfer beaches. With a carnival like beach party every Friday, and all manner of alternative juggling hippy types, surfers will feel right at home here. There is good surf at any stage of the tide, and you can rent all kinds of boards or Para surfing equipment at the water sports center by the beach.

“Surfing is like the Mafia, once you are in, there’s no getting out” – Kelly Slater