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Tel Aviv Port

One of the hottest spots in Tel Aviv is the newly restored Port in the North of the city. During the day and night there is a buzz of activity for the whole family. During the day the Namal Tel Aviv (Port of Tel Aviv) offers trendy cafes and name brand stores. At night the whole place comes alive with music pouring out of bars and dance venues.

The Port of Tel Aviv was built in the 1930s and quickly became larger and busier than the ancient port of Jaffa, in the south of the city. It was here that large ships with new immigrants from all over the world came and docked, as well as cargo ships of all sizes. As the State of Israel grew, so did the size of the boats and shipments resulting in larger harbors being built in other areas along the Israeli coast. This was great for the economy of the new state, however with sea traffic being directed away from Tel Aviv, the port was left neglected for many years. In the 1990’s the original developers of the port, Otzar Mif’alei Yam, decided to renovate the entire area into a center for leisure and relaxation.

The busiest days are Fridays and Saturdays, where thousands of people come to relax, do some shopping, have a bite to eat and allow the kids to burn some energy on the amazing playgrounds. The Port of Tel Aviv has something for everyone, you just have to get here and find out what you like best.

Visit the Port of Tel Aviv’s website for more information

Tel Aviv Promenade
Image by Yderovan
Image by shifra Levyathan