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Cleaning Services


Our Cleaning Services

As an apartment hotel that doesn’t offer the services expected from a regular hotel, we would like to recommend you:

  1. Pack a few towels so you will have clean ones.
  2. It’s important to bring your own toiletries when staying in our apartments as we only provide complimentary shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and body lotion in 30ml containers and do not offer refills.

Here’s how our cleaning service works

  • We provide cleaning services once a week, meaning we will clean the apartment and change the bedding and towels only once during a 7-night stay. If you wish, you can ask for additional cleaning services at an extra fee:
  • Our cleaning service will cover the entire apartment and replace all bedding and towels. The cleaning fee will depend on the apartment size, ranging from Ils 125 to ILS 450.
  • An additional set of towels costs ILS 30.
  • An additional set of bedding costs – ILS 30


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