Baby Welcome Kit & Baby Sitting Services


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Our Essential Kit For Parents With Toddlers (Under 3 Years Old)
If you’re traveling with toddlers we’re guessing you already know how much stuff you need to pack – bottles, food, games, clothes, prams and all the extra gadgets like bottle sterilizers and what not. It’s heavy, it’s a pain to manage and it might mean excess luggage.
So, to make things a little bit easier for you and help keep your luggage lighter, we would like to offer our free Baby Welcome Kit for kids aged 4 months through 3 years. This essential kit includes:

 Baby bath with a Daphné or a ring bath seat
 Bottle warmer
 Baby cot
 Microwave sterilizer
 Electric kettle

Please note that although the kits will be provided at no extra cost, their number is limited so it’s important to reserve your kit as early as possible.

Babysitting Service

We operate a babysitting service, arranging reliable babysitters for you to be able to enjoy a night at the theatre, dinner with friends or simply a night out in Tel Aviv.

We are happy to provide you with local childcare to care for your children, ensuring you peace of mind whilst you go out in the evening.

All our babysitters have been personally interviewed and reference checked.

• Babysitting services require scheduling a day in advance.

• Payment will be submitted to the babysitter directly.

Hotel Babysitting Rates

(There are no extra fees for administration or travel.)

  • 1-2 Children NIS 50 per hour
  • 3 Children NIS 60 per hour
  • 4 Children NIS 70 per hour
  • 5 Children NIS 80 per hour

Daily rate NIS 500/8hrs for 1 or 2 children

Christmas and New Year 

Dec. 24, 25, 26, 31 and January 1.

  • 1-2 Children NIS 75 per hour
  • 3 Children NIS 85 per hour
  • 4 Children NIS 95 per hour
  • 5 Children NIS 105 per hour