Breakfast at Masada Restaurant


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Breakfast at Masada Restaurant

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Might as well make it super tasty!

Breakfast a Masada has everything you need to start your day the right way. Here’s a quick peek at our breakfast menu for one adult:

Breakfast Menu: omelet, scrambled eggs, herbs omelet (one of your choice) freshly beaked bread, Israeli salad, tuna salad, cream cheese, feta cheese, Tahini, jam & Butter, coffee and one freshly pressed orange juice.

Location: 350 meters from the hotel.

Breakfast is between 7 AM – 11:30 AM

90 ILS  per person


Fill My Fridge – Grocery Delivery Service

Your Favorite Foods and Beverages Await Your Arrival
Guests can have basic groceries shopped for, delivered, and stocked in the fridge and cupboards before arrival. This takes the time and hassle out of stopping at the grocery store on your way to your vacation home in a car full of people and luggage. Simply arrive and start enjoying your food the way a vacation is meant to be enjoyed.

Basic grocery package includes: Milk carton (1 liter) Sliced white bread Cottage cheese 1 kg of fresh tomatoes 1 kg of fresh cucumbers Box of Cereal 6 large bottles of mineral water Strawberry jam Butter 12 fresh Eggs , Orange Juice & 4 plain yogurt.

 Cost:  ILS 250  

Family grocery package

includes: Milk carton (1 liter) Sliced white bread, Pita bread, Cottage cheese, Cream cheese, 4 plain yogurts, Sliced processed cheese, 1 kg of fresh tomatoes, 1 kg of fresh cucumbers, Fresh lemons, Fresh peppers, seasonal fruits, Box of Cereal, Strawberry jam, Butter, 12 fresh Eggs, Hummus spread, Chocolate spread, biscuits, 4 Flavored dairy delicacies, Orange Juice and 6 large bottles of mineral water.

Cost: ILS 300

Our Picnic Basket

 Picnics are back in style! The requirement to maintain social distance, the need to minimize expenses in these uncertain financial times and the limited seating capacity in restaurants that makes it difficult to reserve a table, have all helped revive the popularity of the good old picnic.

If you too feel like spending some time outdoors in the afternoon or evening, when the heat subsides, and enjoying a tasty picnic with family or friends, we’ve got you covered with the perfect Tel Avivian picnic basket. And if you prefer experiencing all the fun of a picnic without stepping out of your holiday apartment, just order the picnic basket to your door and enjoy your picnic in complete comfort.

Here’s a quick peek at our breakfast menu for two adults:
Caesar salad , Bagel egg salad, Salmon bage , Frittata, Fresh vegetables, Parcel rolls, Tuna salad, Cream cheese, butter croissant, Butter, Apple and cinnamon jam, Nutella, Mini pancakes, Orange juice.

Order your breakfast basket online. 
Cancellation policy – free cancellation is up to 24 hours before the service time.
Cost:  Breakfast  for two – ILS 280  


Gluten Free Grocery Delivery

We understand the special dietary needs of those with celiac disease and others who need to travel gluten-free. We can provide gluten-free welcome baskets upon request.

grocery package includes: Almond Milk, sliced Gluten free bread, cottage cheese, 1 kg of fresh tomatoes, 1 kg of fresh cucumbers, Box of Cereal (gluten free), 6 large bottles of mineral water, Strawberry jam Butter , 12 fresh Eggs Orange Juice, 4 plain yogurt.

Cost: ILS 300