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The Center of tel aviv

Central Tel Aviv is the heart of the metropolitan area that offers numerous attractions and beautiful streets you can walk or cycle through. You can stop for a coffee, buy a souvenir at a local boutique, see well known historical sculptures and enjoy the young and vibrant atmosphere of the city. Tel Aviv city center – from Rothschild Boulevard to Nordau Boulevard – includes Ben Zion Boulevard, Chen Boulevard, Ben Gurion Boulevard, Dizengoff Square, Habima Square and Allenby and King George Streets. 

Here are some of the recommended hot spots in this area.

  • Rothschild Boulevard and HaButke – Just go for a walk and enjoy the iconic Bauhaus architecture, sculptures and performances and when you need a rest and something to eat, step into the very popular neighborhood cafe, HaButke.
  • The new Dizengoff Square – An investment of millions of shekels and nearly two years of construction is what it took for the new Dizengoff Square to be redesigned, revamped and lowered to street level. Visitors can enjoy the famous Yaacov Agam Fire and Water Fountain as well as the colorful benches, cafes and designer shops that surround the circle. 

HaCarmel Market entrance – On the corner of Allenby and King George Streets you will find the entrance to HaCarmel Market, a spot that attracts countless visitors thanks to the many street performances that turn it into a particularly vibrant and engaging part of town.


One of the famous streets and oldest bohemian strongholds of the city is Sheinkin Street. Centrally located east of Allenby St. and the King George St. junction.

Be sure to check out the lovely boutique stores (mostly owned and operated by local prominent designers), along with the chic coffee houses that adorn the quaint, yet busy street.

Nachalat Binyamin

Nachalt Binyamin is a pedestrian street which starts at the junction of Shenkin St. and Yaffo St. at the Carmel Market and stretches well into the south of Tel Aviv, culminating at the eastern edge of Florentine neighborhood.

On regular days it is just a center of textile, clothing and home goods, however, on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings it turns into a colorful market of unique art sold by the individual artists. Nachalat Binyamin is the perfect place to buy unique souvenirs and gifts.

If you’re lucky, you will find a vivacious drumming circle or a sentimental singalong.

This historical street is one of the most beautiful streets in Tel Aviv, but its main attraction is actually at its northern end, where the long-running Arts and Crafts Fair opens twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, surrounded by the street’s famous textile shops. You can also enjoy incredible architecture that was rehabilitated and renovated a few years ago, small local shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.