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In the heart of the city on 110 Allenby Street you will find the 2,000-sq.m. beautifully designed Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv. With the seating capacity of around 1,000 people this synagogue was once very prominent in the local landscape of the city. Constructed in 1922 by Yehuda Magidovitch, with the help of a generous donation from Baron Rothschild, and was completed in 1925.

In 1969 the building went through major renovation with the addition of arches and cement supports by the architect Aryeh Elhanani in an effort to adapt the synagogue to the style of the time with the style of modernism. Not only the outside of the building were subject to the renovation, changes to the façade, the Torah Ark, lighting and furniture all were redesigned.

The amazing glass windows are replication of windows found in destroyed European synagogues during the Holocaust. It is home to some 50 Torah scrolls of all ages and types, all are kept in honor of those who donated them. Many of these scrolls where donated by Holocaust survivors in memory of loved ones that were lost in Europe.

There is always something going on at the Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv over the holidays.

Saturday prayers are open to the public.

Head coverings and a modest dress code are required for entry.