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Neve Tzedek and the New Station (Hatachana) Compound…

one of the most beautiful quarters of Tel Aviv. 
Established in 1887 as the first neighborhood outside Jaffa’s walls, and was left neglected until the 1980’s when a new life was breathed back into the beautiful neighborhood.

Neve Tzedek Neighborhood

There’s a special magic surrounding the picturesque streets where you can easily spend up to a full day just walking around the neighborhood – don’t say we didn’t warn you, but you will probably want to stay there forever.

We recommend that you check out the specialty boutique design stores, the charming cafés, the small and secret alleys and all the newly renovated houses, reminiscent of 1920’s and 1930’s architecture.

Make sure not to miss Suzanne Dallal’s dance theatre building and court yard, the beautiful Amzaleg House on 20 Amzaleg St. and the Rokach House (36 Rokach St.). The Rokach House was one of the first 10 houses built in this quarter, and now occupied by Leah Majaro-Mintz, a family related artist.

The Old Train Station (Hatachana) Complex

At the southern end of Shabazi St. (the main street of Neve Tzedek), you will find a new complex called Hatachana (the station).
During 1892-1948 this is where one would catch the train to Jerusalem. The area was used as a base by the IDF from 1948 till 2004. Now under the management of the Tel Aviv Municipality that opened the compound in 2010 as a museum, attracting both locals and travelers alike. During weekends and holidays there are live shows, small markets, and small stores adds a touch of nostalgia and class to the busy city, a little something for everyone.
Have a look at their website for more information.