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Carmel MArket

The Carmel Market Tel Aviv, locally known as The Shuk, is the biggest market in Tel Aviv offering a huge variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, olives, fishes, flowers and so much more.

Along with the bellowing of dozens of vendors, shouting poetically about their produce, you may enjoy drinking freshly squeezed juice, freshly baked bread and pastries at one of the bread stands or bakeries such as ‘Lechamim’. Friday mornings in Tel Aviv Carmel Market the whole place is abuzz with excitement, locals are doing their shopping for Friday dinner and there is a wonderful craft market along Nachalat Binyamin.

It is recommended that before buying anything, you should check the price in several other stalls, and don’t be shy, negotiate on the price!

Looking for very cheap clothes? Walk North towards Betzalel Market, located between King George St. and Tchernichovski St.