Tel Aviv Promenade | Sea Executive Suites




Love the beach? In Tel Aviv you can walk the entire seashore from Jaffa in the south, to the Port in the north on the recently renovated promenade (commonly referred to as the Tayelet).

This large, continuous platform is a wonderful area for afternoon strolls, cycling or to just watch the ebb and flow if the tide.

Originally the promenade was built between today’s Bugrashov and Geula Beaches as a separation between areas for walking and those for bathing. During WW2 however, bathing in the sea was forbidden under British Mandate, as well as sanitary reasons resulting in most of the beaches being abandoned and left neglected. The city of Tel Aviv was developing in leaps and bounds and sewage and waste from the city was pouring into the sea. Seaside hotels, cafes and restaurants transformed into dubious bars, casinos and brothels when the leisure and entertainment center of the city moved towards Dizengoff Street.

During the 1980’s all sewage in the Dan District was directed to a treatment facility enabling the cleansing of the beaches for public use. During this time the tombolo breakwaters were constructed which expanded the beaches allowing for larger number of people to make use of the beach area.