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Transportation in Tel Aviv



Moving around the city

Moving around Tel Aviv is comfortable and easy, and you have quite a few options to choose from. Here are all the mobility options this city has to offer.

  • Tel-O-Fan – Tel Aviv is a flat city, which means renting a bicycle is both the cheapest and a very comfortable solution. You will find dedicated bike lanes in most of the city streets, including the boardwalk that is right next to our hotel, where you can ride safely. The bikes are available for rent on a daily or weekly basis via the many Tel-O-Fan rental stations scattered all over the city.

Rental fees: Daily access – 17 NIS; three day access – 48 NIS; weekly access – 70 NIS.

  • Electric Scooters – In most streets you will find electric scooters available for rent through a dedicated app on an hourly rate. Unlike Tel-O-Fun, you won’t need to return the scooters to a specific station because you can just ride them wherever you wish and leave them at your destination. The companies that operate this service are Bird, Lime and Wind, and if you want to use it, all you need to do is download their apps.
  • AutoTel’s Green Cars – The city of Tel Aviv offers a car share rental service for which you pay by the minute. To save you precious time looking for parking, the green cars have their own parking spots all around the city, which means that AutoTel is a very efficient and comfortable option.


  • Service Taxis – The well known yellow Service Taxis in Tel Aviv run along the main roads in the city and allow you to jump on and off at any given spot along their route. The streets in which these taxis are most useful are Dizengoff Street, Ben Yehuda Street (near the hotel), Rothschild Boulevard and Allenby Street.

A ride costs 6 NIS on weekdays and 10 NIS on Saturdays.


  • Regular Taxis – Rexi, Gett and Yango all offer taxi service apps that save you the hastle of hailing a taxi in the street. The services operate all over the city and are always available, also on weekends.

Since Tel Aviv is quite small, the average cost of a taxi ride in the city usually runs between 25 NIS to 35 NIS.


  • Buses – There are three different bus companies operating in the city – Dan, Egged and Metropoline. Bus lines go all over the city frequently and if you want to use them you will need to purchase a RavKav card or a day pass.


  • Trains – The easiest way to enter Tel Aviv using public transportation is via train. There are four train stations in Tel Aviv, from south to north: HaHagana, HaShalom, Savidor Merkaz (Savidor center) and HaUniversita (University). Since the stations are not located in the city center, you will need to hop on one of the many bus lines that go through the train stations.