Save 30% when you book your summer getaway early!


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Summer 2020: why you should book your trip early?

Some people tend to plan ahead while others are more the last minute types. But, when it comes to booking your vacation, every savvy traveler knows that if you want to get the vacation you’re dreaming of exactly when you want it, you should plan and book it ahead of time.

Although last minute vacations have their own spontaneous charm, there are a few very good reasons why it’s best to book your vacation in advance, especially at peak travel times.

Early bird gets the best price

If you’re looking for the best prices, there’s no better way to get that than booking ahead of time. The main reason is that every vacation and travel company wants to fill all vacancies as early as possible. It’s simply a financial matter.

Keeping that in mind, if you have a nudging feeling the prices might go down after you’ve already booked your vacation, let us reassure you: packages are usually the cheapest when they become available. In addition, in case rates do drop there are many companies that offer you a price drop guarantee. This way, if prices drop after you’ve already booked your vacation or flight, you will be credited for the difference and pay the lowest price no matter what.

First dibs

When you book early you have the most choice – more flights available, larger airfare range, more hotel vacancies, better room selection and so on. In other words, you get first dibs on… well, everything. So if you would rather not compromise and be able to go on the best possible vacation, booking early is the right way to go.

Relaxed preparation

When you book your vacation in advance you have more than enough time to learn about your destination, buy everything you might need and find out which activities are available to you. All this will allow you to arrive at your vacation completely relaxed and ready to just enjoy yourself. If you are going on a family vacation, we suggest letting the kids take part in the planning. This way, you will all have plenty of time to research, choose and put together a vacation everyone will enjoy.

It pays to plan ahead

We’ve already mentioned that vacation companies prefer it when people book in advance and to entice them to do just that, many of them actually offer extra perks and rewards to early birds. In some instances you might enjoy flight upgrades and in others lower deposits or even a breakfast package – whatever the reward is, who doesn’t love some extra perks?!

Get your finances in order

Finally, booking in advance means you can carefully plan your finances so that you might even be able to cover the cost without taking out a loan or even paying for the entire vacation with your credit card. Putting away a little money each week could make things so much easier for you and that’s only possible if you book well ahead of time.

Enjoy 20% discount plus 10% for online reservations when booking in advance for July & August 2020.

Reserve your hotel early and enjoy low rates on your holiday. Complete with private rooftop, GYM, delicious breakfast and excellent service, our hotels offer wonderful seafront accommodation.

This offer is valid until February 29,2020.

* Please note this offer is non-refundable and non-changeable and full payment is required at the time of booking. All reservations must be made in advance and if cancelled, modified of if the guest is absent, the total price of the reservation will still be charged.