Complimentary Hotel Yoga | Sea Executive Suites



Rooftop Yoga & PILATES with Beautiful City Scenery!

The beauty of vacationing in a Tel Aviv apartments is, that it perfectly combines material and spiritual needs, city rhythm and tranquility, the urban landscape and endless blue sea. Our rooftop yoga sessions offer our guests exactly that.

There is no more magical way to start a vacation in Tel Aviv than attending a rooftop yoga session, in the open air, under the warm sun, with an entire strip of beach spread out in front of you! This is precisely what awaits you, once a week, at our Apart hotel. Our yoga sessions are suitable for all levels and take place on a spacious rooftop, under blue skies, with the relaxing sound of the waves. The combination of physical exercise, stretching exercises, and mental relaxation ensure you start the day with a smile and general feeling of wellbeing.

Just imagine awaking after a wonderful, refreshing night’s sleep to the sound of the waves and the sight of the warm, shimmering morning sun, wearing your favorite comfortable clothes and starting your day in the most relaxed and pleasant way possible.