Another View: Water Sports

Another View: Water Sports

Another View: Water Sports


From  the supercool to the outright bizarre, you’ll be participating in escape rooms and sipping herbal teas until you can’t look at another bearded twenty year old man, ever again.  In short, Tel Aviv can be overwhelmingly stylish.

However there are those of us who need to balance these chic little daily adventures with straight up physical fun and by that I mean, get your sunblock and speedo out – it’s time to get to the water and do something physical – beach side.


If you have a passion for the sea, and are looking for some great wet outdoor fun, there are several surfing schools on the beach front, all of which offer surfing plus,  usually kite surfing and water skiing.  The Israel Surf Club at the Dolphinarium beach is only a 10 minute walk from Sea Executive Suites Hotel.  Another option is “Top Sea” on Hayarkon 165.



 Jet Ski

Next, it’s time to put a little bit of muscle into the deep blue calm and get out on a jet ski. The Tel Aviv Marina, between Gordon and Hilton Beach, offers a large variety of water activities.  Members of the marina also enjoy private bathrooms and showers, next to the less exclusive public beach.

Jet skis are a real laugh and due to the relative calmness of the waves, you don’t need to threaten your spinal cord as you rock it out there on the sea. Jet skiing, has always been something I have adored, because regardless of how much of a jackass you are when it comes to steering, driving or maneuvering across the waves, everyone who isn’t on a jet ski, is always slightly jealous of you. 



Finally there is the salt water swimming pool at Gordon beach. If you haven’t swam in a fresh pool before it’s a truly unique experience. It’s perfect for someone who is a little intimidated by the sea but you love the fact you can swim in a pool without chlorine or any other chemical treatments. All the facilities are well maintained and day passes are available.

Shoot past the urban landscape and get down to the beach.

Gordon Swimming Pool



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