All the Pride Week Events You Really Shouldn't Miss


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מצעד הגאווה בתל אביב - מלון סי הוטל תל אביב

Kick-off the celebrations with a pride party in the Pasáž nightclub

Just before the parade begins, get wormed up with a welcome party in the Pasáž nightclub. The party will feature DJ Anna Lann, the virtuoso violinist Tania Vinokur, who’s performances are always exceptional, and an electro music DJ.

June 13th, 11pm, Pasáž nightclub

After you’ve rested a bit: a 36 hour party at the Alphabet club

Before you attend this insane party at the Alphabet club, you really should get some proper down time in your hotel room in Tel Aviv, because it will last for 36 hours and will start soon after the parade ends. PAG TLV, who organize the party, have lined up all the top DJs in town including Anna Haleta, Alex Levin, No Twins and many more.

June 14th-16th, 10pm, Alphabet

Wigstock Festival – a theatrical and especially colorful drag show

As in previous years, the most well-known and beloved drag artists will put on a phenomenal show filled with color and music during the Wigstock Festival, which actually began a long time ago, in the 1980’s, in Manhattan. The drag show is the perfect way to enjoy a cultural, artistic and mesmerizing experience when you’re resting between parties.

The 21st Pride parade! An energy you cannot put into words

The Pride parade will begin at the Gan Meir Park, not so far from our hotel. During that morning, there will be shows and street parties all along the parade’s route. Expect to see incredible costumes as well as the legendary trucks go by in this annual fabulous event.

Charles Clore party – the finale of the Pride parade

The best part of the Pride parade will take place right next to our hotel in Tel Aviv, on the boardwalk. It is a very vibrant parade during which each truck focuses on a completely different genre of music – Mizrahi, techno, trance, trash and pop. So, no matter what your favorite genre is, you will be able to dance to it on the beach! After the party, you can quickly pop in to your hotel room and have a refreshing shower before you continue to the legendary party in Charles Clore Garden with its huge stage and the best Israeli DJs and performers.

Sea Executive Suites hotel is right on the boardwalk, which makes it the most sought out and ideal location during Pride week. Staying in our hotel during your Pride vacation will allow you to go from party to party and pop back in whenever you like to enjoy a spacious and cozy room that has all you need to recuperate and get ready for the next party: a luxurious bathroom, balcony with a sea view, jacuzzi, fully equipped kitchen with an espresso machine and of course – soft queen size beds. You can also enjoy an israeli breakfast with its variety of delicious local delicacies, a wooden sauna, a gym and the most beautiful rooftop in town overlooking the beach and all the parties!

Our way to support the festivities

Do you want to be as close as possible to the 2019 Pride parade? Book your fabulous vacation now and enjoy a special price! To show our support in this important event, anyone who will book a room for this period (June 13th-15th, 2019) will enjoy a special discount.

Tel Aviv promenade. across the street from Sea Executive Suites
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