Another View. A guide to choosing your hotel in Tel Aviv

Another View. A guide to choosing your hotel in Tel Aviv

There are very few of us who simply pack a bag, hop on a flight and arrive in Tel Aviv with no plan of where to stay. With so much to see, in the city that doesn’t stop, I for one, make sure that the accommodation in Tel Aviv I choose, is close enough to the action to stumble back to the hotel, but far enough that I’m not kept awake by music blasting through the walls of my room.

As they say, it is all location, location, location and you will want to know how you are going to be moving around the city, before you get there. Being a bikini throw from the beach or a coin toss from the bar scene is a matter of where you and your holiday companions are staying.

In Tel Aviv, at a bare minimum, you will need easy access to the beach, cafes and restaurants. There are so many phenomenal eateries, from cafes to gourmet fast food -you’ll be spoilt for choice.  A quick review on the most recommended places to eat online, before you arrive is well worth the time investment.

Transport around the city is diverse and a matter of choice. Walking and cycling around the city are great options and there are Tel-O-Fun rental points for bicycles, in several spots across the city. At the Tel-O-Fun stations there are touch screens, simply select your language and pay by international credit card. The famous Tel-O-Fun green bikes are visible in most locations and although not of a particularly high quality can get you around the city.

You may want to think several times before hiring a car and the dreaded parking fiasco. The city is notorious for having little patience for drivers and there are no exceptions for tourists. Parking is a complex and arduous task with several zones being available exclusively for Tel Aviv residents. These zones are generally sign posted, exclusively in Hebrew. Although cabs can be pricey, this is meagre in comparison to parking in the wrong zone and having your car towed.

The hotel itself, is probably one of the most crucial decisions you can make about your stay.  There are growing trends in how tourists book their holidays in Tel Aviv and in the main focus on breach proximity, shopping and services.


The beach

Swap the view of grey city buildings for a room with a delicious azure sea view and lengthy, inspiring walks along the promenade from Jaffa to North Tel Aviv. Spend the better part of your day, staring at beautiful tanned bodies whilst you casually grab another serving of watermelon and salted cheese. Then spend your evenings guzzling down great bites and tasty cocktails across town.


There is nothing like street-life. The two infamous streets, Bograshov and Shenkin are a shoppers’ paradise and are lined with hundreds of people, on any given day. These streets are Tel Aviv’s answer to Camden, London and Williamsburg, Brooklyn - hip, expensive and the place to be seen.

Sing from the rooftops

A growing concept across the Tel Aviv city hotel network is the rooftop. From organic gardens to underground parties, the craze of rooftop events has hit Tel Aviv hard. Being crowded for space, the Tel Aviv boutique hotels and executive suites got pragmatic and moved to the roof, here they host exclusive activities such as yoga, Pilates and of course run social sauries, such as cocktail evenings. Some of these rooftops are decked out with quite luxurious and large Jacuzzis for their guests – Jacuzzi, cocktails, yoga, not a bad start to a holiday.


Although I love a holiday where I can get away from it all, I am not 100% sincere. I need access to my emails and obviously, my social media, at least once a day. Tel Aviv is a very Wi-Fi friendly city, but I personally need to make sure that it’s provided by the hotel, along with a TV.

The hotel you stay at, should be better prepared for your trip than you are, they live in Tel Aviv after all. The concierge should show a level of competence on the local attractions and the hotel should really have supplies for the beach, bags, available sun screen and hats, laundry services and the ability to rent bicycles. The ability to move around by foot or bicycle in Tel Aviv, cannot be overstated –Being close to spots of interest, regardless of your interests is going to make all the difference.

Decide the length, quality and flavor of your entire Tel Aviv trip and make sure the place you stay, suits your needs before you get there.

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