Gearing Up for An Artful End of August

Gearing Up for An Artful End of August

By the look outside summer is nowhere near over and here in Tel Aviv the beach season last far longer than to the end of August. An indian summer does not mean a dry spell for the art world however and there are plenty of new existing shows to catch around town before the official autumn season kicks in. Here are some of our favourites: 

Words Without Letters Group Exhibition

at the Alon Segev Gallery This group exhibition investigates the mystery of substance with no structure curated by acclaimed Tel Avivian artist Guy Yanai, recently back from a hugely successful solo show at the renowned New York Gallery Ameringer McEnery Yohe. Guy's inspiration came from questions he got from his young son such as; can you have a house with no rooms and are there words without letters? Aiming to find the essence of painting and making visible the intangible Yanai has gathered 5 artists for a thought provoking and beautiful exhibition on the theme of form versus structure and capturing the invisible on a canvas.


 “JEWS” and Summer Hangings at Contemporary by Golconda

CONTEMPORARY BY GOLCONDA Gallery was founded by Dr. Ronald Fuhrer, a longtime luminary of the Israeli art world and a cousin of pioneering Israeli artist Yitzhak Danzinger. Located in the south of Tel Aviv in an 80-year-old building that was formerly a Tahini factory Contemporary by Golconda essentially jumpstarted what is today know as the Soho of Tel Aviv.  Know for always being the one with a finger to the pulse in the Israeli contemporary art world, the main exhibition “JEWS” curated by Dr.Fuhrer himself consists of two large installation pieces by well known artists Avital Geva and Michael Ullman paired with sketches by Danzinger expressing a remembrance for a time past and protesting the current state of things.


Clusters at the Kuli Alma Gallery Art

doesn't have to make sense, just like life itself doesn't always make sense. Sketching artist Ori Toor will be showing his colourful, energetic and vibrant doodles and animations at the underground gallery space located at Kuli Alma, the influential cultural hotspot that is a must for music enthusiasts arriving in Tel Aviv. Kali Alma boasts several vibrant, multi-faceted spaces, including a vibing indoor dance bar with state-of-the-art sound system, an art gallery and a film screening room, and centred around a street-art adorning, open-air space replete with visual art projections, within which guests experience a varied selection of DJ's on any given night. In addition to the weeklong xhibition Ori Toor will be present busying himself with live drawing showing how just like life this exhibition will constantly evolve and change.


The Light Fantastic Toe at the Chelouche Gallery

This gallery, on the corner of Yavneh and Mazeh in the heart of the “White City” resides in what is knows as the The "Twin House”, designed and built in the 1920s by architect Joseph Berlin, one of the most spectacular historical buildings in the city.  Originally planned as residence for the two Berlin brothers, the desire to erect two identical wings gave rise to the first twin house in Tel Aviv. This summer Tom Pnini, recent art graduate from the Sapir School centres his solo exhibition around a video project presenting the events leading up to a stereoscopic portrait of a family during the American Civil War, taken just before the patriarch leaves to join the Union Army.  Alongside this project, Pnini presents a series of watercolour treated stereoscopic photographs of natural landscapes, and the animation video work Dust Bowl, based on an iconic photograph of one of the worst man-made ecological disasters in American history.  In parallel, to Tom Pnini's solo exhibition, on the second floor of the gallery, Chelouche Gallery will host the Sapir Art School Graduates Exhibition for 2015, curated by Avshalom Suliman with the participation of recent graduate.



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