Some don’t Like it Hot: A Guide to Surviving the Sweltering Telavivan Summer

Some don’t Like it Hot: A Guide to Surviving the Sweltering Telavivan Summer

August in Israel equals sweltering summer heat. The days are hot and humid and the nights are not much different. This is definitely not the time to plan a hiking trip in the Negev or join an urban guided walking tour of the White City. When the heat wave hits people escape the sun-drenched streets and even the beach and head for galleries, museum and other AC-powered amusements. As the old saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining and here are our top 5 reasons to cherish summertime in Tel Aviv.

Ice cream isn't only a treat, it is now a necessity 

Not that we are of the opinion that you ever need an excuse to indulgence in some frozen  delicacies but this is definitely the time for both young and old to pamper themselves with some delicious gelato. Tel Aviv, inhabited as it is by foodies and bon vivants has countless of to-die for ice-cream parlours and frozen yoghurt spots. The legendary Iceberg (108 Ben Yehuda), by many considered to be the best ice-cream in the city looks more like a cafe than your regular ice-cream joint and is well know for their experimental flavours and fusions. How about a scoop of Apricot-Amaretto & Almonds or why not try Vanilla Ice-cream with Lavender and Lavender honey created by TV-personality and master chef Aharoni?

Summer sunsets by the Beach

What can be more magical than sharing a quiet moment of contemplation watching the sun slowly sink into the Mediterranean and feel the cool sand between your toes?  Head to the beach around 6pm and enjoy your front seat to the oldest show in the world. When you have finished watching the magnificent shades of orange, red and pink that overtake the skyline as the sun falls beyond the horizon you can always take advantage off the warm summer night to go for a relaxing swim under the stars .

Time to explore a museum or two

Israel has more museums per capita than any other country and they are all air-conditioned and blissfully cool even in the middle of August. With so many to choose from you can find a place to visit that tickles your fancy regardless of what you are interested in. History, art, design or science: there really is something for everybody.  The Tel Aviv museum of Art (27 (Shaul Hamelech Blvd) is a great place to start and the new wing is a destination in itself.

Rafting on the river Jordan

The northern parts of Israel are hilly and green and well worth a day trip. The waters of the Jordan river flow calmer in the summer than during early spring and this makes rafting here more of the perfect family activity and not quite the extreme sport you might associate it with. Choose your preferred route, leave your valuables and anything you don't wish to get wet behind and set out with the lush greenery around the river bank sheltering you from the sun.  

Stay in and relax at Sea Executive Suites

What is a vacation for if not to free ourselves of all the tasks and chores of everyday life? When the baking sun makes time spent outdoors unpleasant why not grab the chance to enjoy a well deserved nap in the comfort of your own room or in our spacious and cozy lounge in the lobby?  Read a book of your choosing from our mini library, treat your self to some of our complimentary ice-coffee and ice-cream and simply unwind with the view of the Mediterranean Sea and Tel Aviv boardwalk.

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