Five Useful Apps To Simplify Your Tel Aviv Travel Experience

Five Useful Apps To Simplify Your Tel Aviv Travel Experience

In the world of technology that we live in today, not one person leaves the house without their smart phone. When visiting Tel Aviv, it is important to be familiar with a few helpful apps that can make your stay much more enjoyable and easy.

The best way to get in contact and communicate with people while in Israel is to use WhatsApp. Even if you get an Israeli sim card, WhatsApp will still work on your original number if downloaded before you travel to Israel. WhatsApp is an easy texting app that allows fast voice messaging and picture sharing as well as group messaging and more. 

One of the more popular ways to travel around Tel Aviv is by bus. With lines traveling all over the city as well as to other locations around the country, using Israel’s bus system is affordable and reliable. Download the app, “Moovit” in order to track bus schedules going wherever you choose. 

Eating in Israel is an experience like nothing else. If you're looking to dine at the best, most highly rated restaurants in Tel Aviv, download the “Trip Advisor” app to read reviews from restaurants and cafes all around the city. No matter what your taste in food is, Trip Advisor will give you the best suggestions for your culinary desires. 

Looking for the fastest way to travel from place to place in Tel Aviv? Download “Get Taxi”. This taxi app allows you to connect your credit card information to the service so you don't need to carry around wads of cash everywhere you go. Open the app, select your location and a taxi will come in minutes.

A trip to Tel Aviv is not complete unless you take tons and tons of pictures. Download the photo editing app called “White Gram” in order to take your best pictures and share them beautifully on social media for friends and family to get an inside look on all your adventures. 

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