Nibbling your way through Carmel Market

Nibbling your way through Carmel Market

If you have been in Israel for the past week, we are sure you must have relished the great spread of delicious and sweet dishes of Rosh Hashanah - from the apples dipped in honey to the fresh, juicy pomegranates. We can understand if you have had enough of holiday food where you sit around a table and are looking to enjoy some exotic food while working off some of those calories. So where better to do it than shopping and nibbling your way through Carmel Market! Besides finding great Israeli food, Carmel Market is a one-stop location that offers cuisines from all over the world!

1. Bunny Chow

If you have ever been to India and are reminiscing the yummy food from the

sunny exotic country, look no further than to Bunny Chow, a new indian eatery inspired by the Indian workingman’s lunch of hollowed-out bread filled with curry. Serving up three different, authentic curries, Bunny Chow caters for everyone from the vegetarian to those seeking meaty goodness like beef or chicken. Each curry is unique crafted with its own blend of tantalising spices and is sold inside a sweet challah bun or over rice if you so desire. So if you are in the mood for something spicy, check out Bunny Chow and we are sure you won’t regret it. Check it out here: httpss://

2. Arepa’s

In the mood for something more Latin and easy to consume on the go while you shop? How does melted cheese and guacamole paired with freshest Israeli produce sound? In the heart of the Carmel Market, two Venezuelans have created the perfect balance of that! Specialising in arepas, Arepa’s (aptly named) serves up the tastiest arepas stuffed with tender beef or succulent chicken! Together with the melted cheese and guacamole, this flavourful dish is easily one of the top favourites amongst the locals! Finding this store is not difficult in the crowded market where all you need to do is look out for the long queues or follow the amazing aroma of the freshly cooked arepas! Check it out here: httpss://

3. John Goytiom’s

One taste of young entrepreneur John Goytiom's Eritrean fare, and you'll feel like you're in his cozy abode, sipping spiced tea with his family and watching the sun melt into the warm tones of the sky. Located at 35 HaCarmel Street in the midst of the Carmel Market, Goytiom's nondescript eatery specializes in handmade injera, a sourdough-tangy treat that will settle lightly in your stomach and infuse a healthy dose of iron into your bloodstream. Not only does John's mouth-watering vegetarian menu transport you to its place of origin, but it also nourishes your body and, thanks to its gluten-free status, is a great alternative to your schwarma lunch.

4. Uzi-Eli the Etrog Man

For years you could find Uzi-Eli the Etrog Man at the Ben Yehuda Market (Jerusalem), but now the smiling 70 year old has moved his organic remedies to Carmel Market. As a descendent of the Jewish medieval rabbi, scholar and philosopher Moses Maimonides, Uzi-Eli has made it his life mission is to improve the lives of others. He does this with centuries-old recipes, including body-care products and herbal concoctions that you can add to your morning glass of water to heal a number of ailments. His Essence Of Life Vigor features a mix of ginseng, chrysanthemum, cinnamon, cardamom and clove. A drop or two under your tongue should keep you awake and energized. We guarantee that this will be a unique gift to bring back to your loved ones back home. Read more about it here: 

Photo: Dana Friedlander, Israeli Ministry of Tourism

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