Seeing Tel Aviv On a Budget Has Never Been Easier

Seeing Tel Aviv On a Budget Has Never Been Easier


Making the most out of your time in Tel Aviv doesn’t have to cost you. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of exciting things to do that will happily fit a traveler’s budget and lifestyle while of course, keeping you happily entertained all the way through. It has been said that the best things in life are free. The Tel Aviv beach directly across from the Sea Executive Suites boasts calm waters that sparkle under the warm sun. Lucky for us, in Tel Aviv, beach season extends well into the month of November. Take a dip or just sit back and soak up the Mediterranean rays all free of charge.

Segway Tours

on the boardwalk Learn how to lean, tilt, and balance from the professionals. After a safety and instruction lesson, you’ll be ready to enjoy the boardwalk and port like you never have before. Experience the sea side breeze against your cheek as you whiz by pedestrians on your Segway tour, perfect for the whole family.

Carmel Market Bite Tour This tour is perfect for the adventurous foodie who likes to travel at their own pace. The tastes and flavors are yours with the Carmel Market Bite Card. The Bite Card has various treats allotted onto the voucher for participants to enjoy. From coffee, to traditional middle eastern cuisines, the Carmet Market Bite Card if your ticket into a mouth watering afternoon. Purchase your Bite Card online.

South Tel Aviv Street Art Excursion

for a tailor made experience unlike any other in Tel Aviv, Eager Tourist is here for you. Offering a wide range of tours and experiences for all types of visitors everyone’s needs will be met. A favorite among participants is the South Tel Aviv Street Excursion. Learn the political, social, and cultural context behind the graffiti and wall murals that cover the city scares of Tel Aviv. 

Piano Festival

The 17th annual Piano Festival is taking place this week from October 21st until the October 24th! Featuring renowned Israeli and international piano players and new musicians alike, the festival at the Tel Aviv Art Museum is a treat not to be missed. This year the festival will also include collaborative performances by Indie artists. Information regarding the tickets and showtimes are available here.         

United Colors of Judaica: A New Perspective The United Colors of Judaica exhibit at Beit Hatfusa, Tel Aviv University Campus gives visitors a deeper understanding of the ethnic, cultural, and religious Jewish identity that is so fluid in this country. The solo exhibition by Eliahou Eric Bokobza wishes to foster a dialogue on the multi- faceted being that is the Jewish identity. 

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