Terms of Use (the "TOS")
Welcome to the Sea Executive Suites Website, https://www.sea-hotel.co.il (hereinafter: "the website") The website is the official internet website of Sea Executive Suites Hotel (hereinafter: "The Hotel").
The use of the website including the content that it comprises and the various services offered on it, are subject to the terms specified below. 
1. General
1.1. The term "content" or "contents" encompasses information of every sort and category, including any verbal, visual, or audio content or any combination of them, as well as their design, processing, editing, dissemination and means of presentation including, but not only, pictures, photographs, drawings, animation, charts, images, simulations, clips, software, files, applications, symbols and icons.
1.2. Accessing and/or entering the website and/or using the services offered on the website, including the "booking" service (hereinafter: "the Services") expresses and constitutes agreement on your part to the terms of use. If you do not agree to the terms of use, either all or some of them, you are not permitted to make use of the website and/or the services for any purpose whatsoever.
1.3. The hotel is entitled to update this TOS from time to time, at its sole discretion and without any need to provide prior notification and these terms will be binding the moment that they are published on the website.
1.4. The use of the website and its included contents are intended for private and personal purposes only, and you shall have no argument with, and/or claim against, and/or demand from the website and/or the company in regard to the use of or reliance upon the information and contents presented on the website.
1.5. It is absolutely forbidden for a website user to make any change to the website and/or to copy, disseminate, broadcast, present, duplicate, publish, and create derivative works or to sell any item of the information, software, products or services originating on the website.
1.6. No use may be made of the hotel databases or any part of them without the prior written approval of the hotel.
1.7. It is absolutely forbidden to create any link to the website from another website without the prior written approval of the hotel.
1.8. Use of the website including any decision based on the contents offered and/or displayed on the website is solely your complete responsibility.
1.9. The hotel does not undertake to ensure that the contents and services provided by third parties, including content and service providers and other users, which are published on the website, will be complete, correct, accurate, or suited to your expectations and requirements.
2. Booking Services
2.1. Using our booking services requires user name and password. The user will keep the user name that was given to him/her and/or his/her personal passwords secret, and will not reveal and/or transfer them to anyone else.
2.2. The website has a service for booking rooms/accommodations at the Sea Executive Suite Hotel and/or for receiving information, which requires registration. When registering for this service you will be asked to provide personal details such as your first name, family name, city and country of residence, contact details, your ID or passport number, credit card as well as your e-mail address. The provision of erroneous details can impair the quality of the service that you will receive.
2.3. After entering the credit card details, a message will be sent to the user’s e-mail address confirming that the order has been received. This message should be printed and brought to the reception desk at the hotel in order as confirmation that the reservation was made. It should be emphasized that the credit card details entered via the website are intended only to secure the reservation, and the credit card will be charged according to our cancellation policy hereunder and the reservation costs.
2.4.  In the event that any details are changed you must act immediately to update your details on the website.
2.5. The information that you provided when registering for the services will be kept in the database (excluding your credit card details) owned by the hotel and no use will be made of it except in accordance with hotel policy.
2.6. The hotel will be entitled to use the purchase details in order to improve the services that it offers the user on the website as well as to establish contact with the user via regular mail, e-mail or any other means of communication and to adjust the website to his personal needs and preferences.
2.7. The website owners and/or any of its operators and/or any of its owners and/or anybody acting on their behalf are not responsible for an error made by the user in typing the details of the purchase, including an error in the choice of  room type, vacation package, promotion package, dates, number of beds or any other service ordered by the purchaser via the website, and/or bear no direct or indirect responsibility for any case where the details of the purchase were not received by the system and/or for any other technical and/or other problem that prevents the purchaser from acquiring services via the website.
2.8. Entering false purchase details is a criminal offense and legal action will be taken against those entering false details, including damage suits for damages that are liable to be incurred by the hotel and/or the website and/or its operators and/or any of its directors and/or anyone acting on their behalf.
2.9. Booking rooms/accommodations at the Sea Executive Suite Hotel can also be done by telephoning the hotel's reservation center at telephone number +972-3-7953477.
3. Conditions and Limitations
3.1. Prices on the website are in Shekels and include VAT and are intended for Israelis only.
3.2. Those making reservations can order a room/vacation via the website in dollars according to the prices on the current price list for the of the reservation period with the addition of VAT. The payment will be calculated as per the hotel currency at time of actual payment.
3.3. The hotel is entitled, at any time, to change the terms for booking rooms and the prices of the packages. Notwithstanding the above, the Hotel will respect reservation's terms and prices that was made prior such changes.
3.4. The hotel is entitled to change the website’s regulations from time to time without providing prior notification to the user. The hotel will publish the new terms on the website and they will be in force as of their publication.
3.5. The hotel is entitled to close the website and to modify, from time to time, its structure, content, appearance, as well as the scope and availability of the services and contents provided on it, and any other aspect related to the website and its operation, and all this without any need to provide the user with prior notification. The user declares that he will have no argument with, and/or claim against, and/or demand from the hotel in this regard.
3.6. The number of places at the hotel is limited, and reservations for rooms/accommodations are placed strictly on the basis of availability.
3.7. Discount offers cannot be combined and the hotel will respect only one discount at it sole discretion.
3.8. The stay at the hotel will be from 15:00 on the day of arrival (the "check in") at the hotel until 12:00 on the day of departure (the "check out"). Arrival and/or departure prior to/later than the aforesaid hours, is subject to advance approval by the hotel management and entails additional payment.
3.9. A baby – someone who has not reached the age of 2 (two). A child – someone over two years old and up to 12 years old.
3.10. Only adults over 18 years of age may reserve a room/accommodations at the hotel.
3.11. Children and adolescents under age 18 will be hosted only when accompanied by an adult over the age of 21.
3.12. The pictures on the website are intended for demonstration purposes only and do not obligate the hotel.




4. Cancellation Policy
4.1. Cancellation Policy is defer between High and Regular season:


Regular Season                            High Season
01.11.2016-26.12.2016      27.12.2016-02.01.2017

06.04.2017 -03.01.2017     18.04.2017 -07.04.2017

31.07.2017 - 19.04.2017     26.08.2017 -01.08.2017

27.08.2017-23.12.2017       24.12.2017-31.12.2017


4.2. Regular Season:
4.2.1. Cancellations or modification to reservations, received up until 12:00 PM (Israel time), two days prior to arrival, no fees or penalties will be applied.
4.2.2. In the event of cancellations which are received later than above mentioned time and up until 6:00 PM* on the arrival date, a charge of the first two nights will be applied.
4.2.3. In the event of a cancellation or modification later than 6:00 PM* on the arrival date or in event of a "no show" without prior notice, the full cost of the reservation will be charged.


4.3. High Season
4.3.1. Cancellations or modification to reservations received up until 12:00 PM (Israel time) seven days prior to arrival, no fees or penalties will be applied.
4.3.2. In the event of cancellations or modification which are received later than that and up until 6:00 PM* on the arrival date, a charge of the first three nights will be applied.
4.3.3. In the event of a cancellation later than 6:00 PM* on the arrival date or in event of a "no show" without prior notice, the full cost of the reservation will be charged.
4.3.4. Advance purchase reservations will be fully charged at time of booking. Changes or cancelations will not be confirmed.
5. Copyrights and trademarks
5.1. All Copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property rights regarding the contents and services on the website are exclusive property of the hotel, or by the third parties who granted the hotel authorization to use them.
5.2. The hotel is the exclusive owner of the names and trademarks of the website, the trade secrets involved in operating the website and providing the services, the design of the website, the technological information involved in operating it, including but without excluding, software, applications, graphic and other files, texts and/or any other material included in it (hereinafter: "the information").
5.3. It is forbidden to copy, disseminate, duplicate, present in public, or transfer to a third party the information and/or part of it. It is forbidden to change, publish, broadcast, transfer, sell or make any commercial use whatsoever of the information and/or part of it, except with the prior written permission of the hotel.
5.4. It is forbidden to present contents from the website, in full and/or in part, in any manner whatsoever including via any software, device, and accessory or communication protocol. To dispel any doubt, the aforesaid also applies to the editing of the aforesaid contents, so that they are similar to the contents published on the website.
6. Contents of the Site
6.1. Any content placed on the site by the hotel, including pictures and publicity, are exclusive property of the hotel, including the classification of the linked pages on the site, their characterization, processing and editing.
6.2. The hotel will be entitled, from time to time and at its own discretion, to place on the website any information and/or content that it deems fit and/or to change any such information and/or content.
6.3. The user is absolutely forbidden to place on the website and/or to transmit through it any illegal material and/or material that is liable to damage the contents of the website and/or to offend and/or disturb other users and/or any advertising or commercial material, and he may not behave in a manner that is liable to cause damage to the hotel.
6.4. The hotel reserves the right (but not the obligation) to remove contents and/or any other information from the website and/or from the services, at its sole discretion and without any need to provide notification to the users, including but without excluding, in the event that it will be made aware that the contents and/or information and/or the use thereof contravenes the directives of the law and/or causes any damage to the hotel and/or to any third party and/or constitutes a violation of any rights whatsoever of any one of these.
6.5. Any of the contents published on the website, and/or on any of the sites to which there is an option of being referred, are liable to be deleted over time. The hotel does not undertake to ensure that contents that are available on a certain date on the website and/or on the internet will continue to be published on the internet in the future as well.
7. Commercial Information and Advertising
7.1. The hotel is not responsible for the content of the advertisements and the commercial information published by third parties on the website.
7.2. The publication of the advertisements does not constitute an offer and/or a recommendation and/or encouragement by the hotel to purchase the services and/or products offered for sale in those advertisements.
7.3. Any transaction that will be performed as a result of an advertisement or information published on the website, shall be concluded directly between the user and the relevant advertiser. In the absence of another directive on this subject, the hotel is not a party to any transaction between the user and such an advertiser, and will not bear any responsibility of any type or kind with regard to the quality of the services and/or the goods that will be offered or purchased via the advertisement.
7.4. Any commitment of an advertiser deriving from an agreement with him will be supplemental to these terms of use, and whenever a conflict shall arise between the two, the agreement with the advertiser will prevail.
7.5. The hotel is entitled to remove an advertisement and/or details of an advertiser from the website at any time and without prior notification, subject to the agreement between the hotel and the advertiser.


8. Privacy
8.1. It is forbidden to make any use of the details appearing on the various pages of the website and these details are subject to the privacy protection rules. It is absolutely prohibited to transfer any information from the website to third parties other than for private and personal purposes.
8.2. The hotel is entitled to exercise computerized supervision over what transpires in the web services via "cookie" software or similar measures, and to utilize any such information for the purpose of control and/or supervision and/or development and/or maintenance of the quality of the services and content on the website and/or for the purpose of upholding any legal directive.
8.3. Our use of cookies (cookies policy):
8.3.1. Technologies like cookies, pixel tags ("pixels"), device or other identifiers and local storage (collectively "Cookies") are used to deliver, secure, and understand our services.
8.3.2. Cookies are small files that are placed on your browser or device by the website or app you’re using. Pixel tags are small blocks of code on a webpage or app that allow them to do things like read and place cookies and transmit information to us or our partners. The resulting connection can include information such as a device’s IP address, the time a person viewed the pixel, an identifier associated with the browser or device and the type of browser being used. Local storage is an industry-standard technology that allows a website or app to store and retrieve data on a person’s computer, mobile phone or other device. Some examples include device or HTML5 local storage and caching.
8.3.3. We use “persistent cookies” to save your login information for future logins to our services
8.3.4. We use “session ID cookies” to enable certain features, to better understand how you interact with the Service and to monitor aggregate usage and web traffic routing on the Service.
8.3.5. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but allow you to disable cookies through the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser. Please be aware that disabling cookies could interfere with the functionality of the services.
8.4. The hotel is entitled to transfer the details of the user to another party or parties on the basis of legal authority.
8.5. By using the website and by using the services offered on the website the user agrees that the hotel can use his details in order to send updates and/or material and/or advertising information and/or marketing information. This approval shall deem as a consent to receive marketing proposals from our hotel and/or other hotels and services of our group, in accordance with the Israeli Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting)-1982(the: "anti-spam law").
9. Limitation of Responsibility and Liability
9.1. It is hereby clarified, that the hotel will not be responsible for any damage and/or loss, either direct or indirect that will be caused to the user and/or to any third party, in anything connected and pertaining to the website and/or to the services, their cancellation, their limitation or their termination.
9.2. The hotel is not responsible for damages connected to communication operators, the internet, international dialing access, the end-user equipment and/or the user’s applications.
9.3. The hotel undertakes to make the maximal effort to preserve the security of the contents and the information displayed on the website, and whenever illegal access to the website occurs that causes damage and/or a breakdown and/or malfunctions and/or failures in hardware, software or communication lines at the website or any of its suppliers, then no responsibility shall be imposed on the hotel for this or for any damage that will be caused the user and/or to third parties, including distress.
9.4. It is clarified that despite the fact that some of the services on the website are links to databases, services and other content sites, the hotel is not responsible for the services and/or the information provided and/or published by others.
9.5. It is clarified and agreed upon, that the placing of links on the website will not be interpreted as a proposal to use, as an expression of support, encouragement, agreement or sponsorship by the website, explicitly or by inference, for the contents and/or services offered by others.
9.6. Despite the fact that the hotel is doing its utmost to maintain the services, it has no responsibility nor will it have any responsibility for any error, defect, loss of profits or any other damage that will be caused and/or is liable to be caused as a result of the use of the services and/or as a result of an inability to make use of them.
9.7. The hotel does not undertake to ensure that the use of the website will be normal and continuous at all times.
9.8. We don't save your credit card's details and the payment is being processed via third party's secure service. Therefore we and/or any one on our behalf won't be responsible for any damage or loss that you may suffer as a result of using your credit card in our website
10. Declarations and Commitment of the User
The user declares and undertakes the following vis-à-vis the website and/or the hotel:
10.1. That he will use the services in accordance with these terms of use, the directives of any law and subject to the operating instructions and guidelines that will be provided (if they will be provided) to him from time to time by the hotel, service providers and information providers, and that he will not make any use of the website's services in order to perform an action or an activity that are prohibited by any law, and he undertakes to indemnify the hotel immediately upon its first request, for any action or omission that is prohibited, including but without excluding:
10.1.1. An illegal intrusion into material and/or computer files, and/or the transmission of a computer virus to other computers, and/or the use or disruption of other computers, in contravention of the Law of Computers 5755-1995.
10.1.2. Any use that is liable to cause damage or disruption to and/or limitation of the use of the services by others, and/or that is liable to constitute an infringement to or violation of the property rights or other rights of other parties, including but without detracting from the generality of the aforesaid, infringement of copyright, trademarks and trade names, samples and patents, etc., the dispatch of e-mail messages to users in a manner provoking complaints on the part of the recipients or messages in contravention of the accepted code of conduct on the internet.
10.1.3. That he will indemnify the hotel immediately upon receipt of a demand to do so, for any damage and/or material and/or financial loss and/or expense, including legal expenses, that will be incurred by it and/or by any third party as a result of use that he made and/or was made through him of the services and/or personal passwords provided to him (if such were provided) by the hotel and/or the website for the purpose of receiving services.
10.1.4. That he is aware that the services are provided to him by the hotel, inter alia, by force of contracts between the hotel and content providers and/or service providers, and that the services are subject to, amongst other things, conditions and limitations that were determined (if such were determined) by contracts as aforesaid, as long as they do not contradict these terms of use.
10.1.5. It is hereby agreed upon that the hotel is entitled to assign its obligations (if and to the extent that such obligations will exist) and to transfer its rights, at any time, to another party or parties, at its sole discretion, including the right to collect money from the user (if and when it should have such a right).
11. Disconnection or Termination of Services Provided on the Website
11.1. Under circumstances where the user made or makes a use prohibited by the aforesaid or a use that can cause a disruption to services, to other users, or in a manner that constitutes a civil or criminal transgression, or in a manner that arouses a reasonable suspicion that the user is acting in a manner that contravenes and/or violates the conditions stipulated in these terms of use, the hotel will be entitled to block and/or restrict and/or terminate the provision of services to the user including the removal of advertisements, without the need for prior notification.
11.2. Nothing in the blocking, termination or restriction of services, as aforesaid, will detract from the user’s obligation to behave at all times in accordance with these terms of use.
11.3. The hotel is entitled to disconnect, restrict or terminate the provision of services at any time, including but without excluding, for the purpose of conducting vital or urgent maintenance or setup activities on the systems serving it, at times of national emergency or for reasons of national security.
12. Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Venue
12.1. These TOS are governed by the laws of the state of Israel without regard to conflict of law provisions. Both parties further consent to the personal jurisdiction of and exclusive venue in competent courts in Tel Aviv, Israel, as the legal forum for any dispute between them.
13. Statute of limitations
13.1. Any claim and/or demand against the hotel and/or the website will be limited for a period of six (6) months from the time of its appearance, and the parties view this as an agreement on the period of limitations as per its meaning in section 91 of the Statute of Limitations, 5718-1958, and in light of the unique character of internet use.
14. Miscellaneous
14.1. In the event that a condition in the terms of use shall be ruled by a court to be invalid (for any reason whatsoever), despite the intentions of the parties, this will not annul all the other terms of use and/or the other parts of that condition that was annulled and/or limited as aforesaid.
14.2. Any amendment to the regulations will be done in writing, and if not, it will be devoid of any authority.