Tel Aviv is the perfect city for a sun-soaked, urban holiday, with its premier location on the Mediterranean Sea and hotspot for local artists, chefs, designers, musicians and all-around creatives. To live and experience the city like a local, travelers can participate, attend and take part in a wide-range of programs, festivals and content to truly make their visit to Tel Aviv an authentic and culture experience.

Below, we have outlined a list of select events and happenings allowing a further glimpse and acculturation in our beloved city of Tel Aviv: Monday and Wednesday, January 26 and 28: English-language Yoga class on Spinoza Street Looking for a cool, cosy, reasonable priced and professional yoga class where you don't pay a membership and still get a great practice taught by a licensed teacher?
Come practice this dynamic Vinyasa yoga in English at Shpinoza 25, down the stairs. Rooftop season is over and we practice indoors at City Kids. This is located between Frishman and Gordon street, close to Dizengof center.
Water and tea is provided. 
Cost is just 40 nis.
Practice is 90 minutes. 
Doors open 7.45PM and close 10PM

Yoga at the KULI ALMA

We practice a dynamic Yoga form (Vinyasa), working on strength, flexibility and cardio.  Tuesday, January 27: Tel Aviv Cinema Club at Kuli Alma The doors of KULI ALMA will be opening at 7pm on Tuesday 27th January for an evening of breathtaking short cinema centred around the theme of "Me In My Right Place", explorations of individuality and location.
We are very excited to announce that our featured short for the evening will be "Kelil Helwa" by Yuval Orr, who will be joining us for a Q&A. "Kelil Helwa" tells the story of banality and life clashing with the absurdity of occupation through the eyes of fifteen-year-old Awni Abu Shamsiya as he attempts to maintain a sense of normalcy. 

Music Dance Party 

Wednesday, January 28: Electro Music Dance Party at Anna Loulou If dancing to disco, house and soulful dance music is your cup of tea, then head to Anna LouLou on Wednesday. The Arabic-Israeli hipster bar is a popular hangout for locals looking to let loose over cold Arak drinks and dance the night away. Tel Aviv DJ and nightlife fixture Haim Vitali will be manning the decks and keeping the music flowing til the early morning hours. Anna LouLou is located on a small side street in Jaffa, so make sure to seek directions before heading over.

Galleries and Exhibition Openings

Thursday, January 29: Art Galleries and Exhibition Openings Thursday night in Tel Aviv is known as the marquee time for inspiring art exhibition openings in gallery spaces across the city. Pay visits to Meshuna Gallery on Herzl Street for weekly opening events -- or Dvir Gallery, ArtSpace or Feinberg Projects for revolving displays of works by contemporary Israeli artists. For the latest openings and art gallery listings, visit the blog of art curator and tour guide Sarah Peguine aka Oh So Arty: Friday, January 30: "Fiberglass" art exhibition at Casino San Remo One of Tel Aviv's most sought-after hip hangouts is Casino San Remo, a bar/cafe/restaurant in Jaffa's Noga Complex known for serving a wide-range of cultural and creative events, commonly on Friday afternoons when the city's populace is off of work and enjoying the day. This Friday, Casino San Remo will host an art event dedicated to surfing and surfing culture, featuring Djs and live surf rock music by Rock, Paper Scissors, as well as second-hand surf and skate gear, artist-painted surf and skateboards and on-hand artists available to pain or decorate any item you may bring with Mediterranean-influenced surf designs. httpss://    

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