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English-speaking friendly hangouts


Sometimes it’s such a great feeling to go to a restaurant or bar in Tel Aviv that caters to English speakers. When the items on the menu are nostalgic, the wait staff speaks fluent English and you hear English chatter all around, it provides a great source of comfort. Here are our top three picks:


Indulge in Fresh, Homemade, Healthy Delights at Cafe Xoho

In the heart of Tel Aviv is a popular cafe for breakfast and lunch that is always packed, and we know why! Aside from the cozy decor and cute patio, all of the food is delicious and homemade! The food is inspired by international influences. You will find items like eggs, any style, baked goods, pancakes and salads, and lots of vegan options. Most of the wait staff are internationals, and they speak English. Cafe Xoho is a community hub that attracts a friendly and large English-speaking crowd.

Address: 17 Gordon Street
How to get there: It’s only a 15-minute walk from your Hotel in Tel Aviv

Sports, Live Music, American Style Bar at Mike’s Place

Mike’s Place is a chain across the country that has a loyal following. The branch in Tel Aviv on the Tayelet (boardwalk) is the branch to visit in Tel Aviv for English speakers. With its proximity to the U.S. Embassy and the hotel strip, English speakers flock to this location. The attractions there include American drinks, nachos, burgers, fries, eggs, salad, live music and all the best sports! The huge patio is another big draw, and it’s right across from the beach!

Address: 90 Herbert Samuel
How to get there: Just walk north along the boardwalk from your hotel in Tel Aviv and in less than 10 minutes you will be back in America!

When Irish Eyes are Smiling at Molly Blooms

Rugby, anyone? Or how about watching some soccer (or football as they refer to it outside of North America)? Molly Blooms is such a warm and friendly place to grab a Guinness beer (of course), indulge in some Irish beef stew, while you watch the latest rugby game, or even listen to some live Irish music. The branch on the corner of Mendele and Hayarkon streets attracts a huge Irish and English crowd. It’s definitely one of the best pubs for English speakers.

Address: 100 Hayarkon Street
How to get there: Head south on foot along Hayarkon Street for about 10 minutes.

Sea Executive Suites Boutique Hotel: Stay Close to Hangouts

Location, location, location as they say, is such a key element when picking a hotel. Many English speaking tourists in Israel are interested in staying close to hangouts of other English speakers. If you are one of them, the Sea Executive Suites boutique hotel is the right choice for you.

Comfortably located in HaYarkon Street, this quality boutique hotel is less than a minute’s walk to the sea, and an easy 5-10 minutes’ walk from most of the bars and attractions mentioned above. Getting from this hotel in Tel Aviv to Dizingoff street or Yaffo is also easy, and can be done by foot, bicycle, or public transportation. For additional details, check out the hotel’s special offers: early birds can get up to 15% discount and save significant amounts.

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