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Another view: getting fit in Tel Aviv


It is pre-summer which means it’s time to cut out the carbs, swear off the extra boozy nights a week and “work out” rather than “pig out” on the abs, thighs and buns.

The Tel Aviv winter is coming to an end and the hot, bikini wearing summer is near the horizon. This year I’m truly dedicated to getting in shape even if it means running the same stretch of the Tel Aviv beach hotels from Jaffa to North Tel Aviv every day. I’ve installed the Myfitness App and I’m ready to suck it up and prime my body for the beach.

Luckily for me and my “soon to be decreasing” belly, Tel Aviv is a real hot spot of activity when it comes to sport, all year round; there are outdoor and indoor opportunities to get you into shape. All along the promenade you will get the chance to witness at least 50 people doing one form of sport or another.

Street Gym

While I use the fantastic gym at SEA Executive Suites, because it’s easier to do strength training whilst sweating it out in in a clean air conditioned room than in the beating sun, free street gyms are everywhere. They usually have the basic machines where your body weight is used as a resistance, which in my case is a pretty good counter balance.

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