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Water sports: cooling down, TLV style


People flock to Tel Aviv from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful beaches, sun and sea. With temperatures soaring, and the sweltering summer heat, tourists and locals know the best way to have fun and stay cool: water sports! Many hotels in Tel Aviv are close to the sea, so here are some great places to master the sea right next to your hotel in Tel Aviv.

Everybody Gone Surfing at the Israel Surf Club

Everyone in Israel really has gone surfing, it seems! Surfing takes places at the Dolphinarium beach away from boats in a sandy, shallow area that is safe for beginners. Welcoming all ages, locals and tourists, the club offers group and private lessons teaching people how to surf and SUP. They even operate a surf camp for children and teenagers from ages 7-17.

The Israeli Surf Club store and equipment rental can be found at the back of the patio of beautiful Bluebird Beach next to the Dolphinarium beach in Tel Aviv. Just walk south along the boardwalk from your hotel in Tel Aviv and you will reach the surf club. Contact them directly for pricing and lesson information: 03-510-3439. They operate all year-long, seven days a week from 8am to sunset.

Tame the sea: Learn to SUP and Surf at Topsea Surfing Center

Established in 1957 by a lifeguard nicknamed Topsea, this surfing center is known as the first of its kind in Israel, and carries the name of its founder. Topsea offers surf and SUP lessons and rentals for all ages (ability to swim is a must). The center’s small, cozy office provides a homey, personal touch for customers.

Topsea operate all year-long, seven days a week from 8am to sunset, but they won’t send people out into the choppy seas so call ahead to see if the water is calm enough. Beginners can take advantage of Gordon Beach, which has a soft, sandy bottom and a calm area for practicing.

Topsea is located in an exclusive location accessed only from the famous three-story steps that start at Gordon beach and end at Kikar Atarim. If you are walking from your hotel in Tel Aviv, which is just a 15 minute walk north along the boardwalk, you will need to walk up just two flights of stairs from the beach and walk around the corner to the left.

Contact them directly for pricing and lesson information: 03-5263638, 050-4329001 (or WhatsApp)

Aye Aye, Skipper: Sail Away on a Yacht

The fresh air, the breeze, the sense of adventure… there’s nothing like a sail in the open sea! If you have a skipper license, familiar with someone who has, you can rent a yacht at the Tel Aviv Marina.

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