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Why Tel Aviv is the best place for a honeymoon


When you picture your ideal, romantic honeymoon you likely imagine you and your new life partner gazing at the sea or walking hand-in-hand along the water’s edge. You dream about holding hands as you sip wine at a romantic restaurant by the sea, or while admiring the sunset. Tel Aviv provides all of these romantic settings and much more!

Tel Aviv Beaches

The beaches begin in Jaffa and extend to Tel Aviv in the North. The most popular walkable section starts from the Alma Beach (just before Jaffa) and ends at the Tel Aviv Port. The walk along the beach or boardwalk is extremely romantic. Many couples can be seen walking hand-in-hand along the beach; Each beach has its own restaurant with similar menus and lots of chairs for basking in the sun as you sip on your summer drinks and toast your new life together. Some of the beach restaurants operate 24 hours a day! This means that you can also enjoy a romantic dinner at the beach and linger over drinks for hours.

Tel Aviv Marina

All romantic movies have at least one boat scene, and there is a good reason for that! Being on a private boat with the love of your life as you share the view of the beautiful waves, the sunset, the exhilaration of being away from everything in a serene setting is a dream. You can make this dream come true through the Tel Aviv Marina, located just off of Gordon Beach near all of the great beaches.

You can book a romantic sail with your very own captain on a private yacht. With a bottle of wine and soft music waiting for you, along with your very own kitchen, this makes for an ideal evening for honeymooners. It just doesn’t get better than this!


Just a short walk from Tel Aviv you will find quaint, beautiful, and romantic Jaffa. This is a popular date place (both during the day and at night) because the whole city has such a romantic feel. As you reach the restaurants in the port you will come across places like The Old Man and the Sea which has such a romantic setting overlooking the Jaffa Port and delicious food! Take a stroll through old Jaffa as well which also offers beautiful views of Tel Aviv and has cozy restaurants.

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