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Your Tel Avivian dream wedding: the check list



There is nothing more exotic than getting married in Tel Aviv, where the weather is divine, the scenery is breathtaking and the food is fresh and tasty! So what should you do to have the perfect wedding day in this city? Simple! Follow this check list, and you’ll have a Tel Avivian wedding day you’ll always remember…

Setting Yourself Up: Picking the Right Hotel in Tel Aviv

For your wedding day, picking the right hotel in Tel Aviv isn’t only choosing where you’ll spend your wedding night – it’s picking your base of operations for the entire day.

The ideal hotel in Tel Aviv for your wedding day should be a beautiful, quiet establishment, with top-notch service, and preferably located in a central location to allow you easy access to everywhere you or your partner might need to get (the venue, photo locations, picking up equipment, etc). You should also choose a hotel which will feel comfortable enough to get ready for the big day, with food and drink accessible, as well as enough room for guests and equally important – the hairdresser and other service providers.

The Photo Shoot: Best Location in Tel Aviv

The best wedding photo shoot location in Tel Aviv is close to the hotels area of HaYarkon Street. We’re talking of course about Jaffa!

Can you find a more romantic setting than a quaint, ancient city that has stunning sea views, as well and exotic alleys lined with galleries? Make history inside history, with wedding photos in Jaffa. Jaffa is just five minutes away by car from your hotel in Tel Aviv. Don’t forget to take some photos at the beautiful port, said to be one of the oldest ports in the world.

Alternatively, you can take some photos at Hatachana and then head over to Jaffa, which is just two minutes away from by car.

Quick Lunch: Get Your Energy Up

Yes, we know your wedding day will be busy… but if you don’t have anything to eat now, your energy levels are going to drop by the time of the wedding itself. Lucky for you, Tel Aviv has plenty to offer in the quick-bite section. Simply ask your best man/woman to go down to the street from your hotel in Tel Aviv, and grab you a something quick to eat: a sandwich or a take-away.

Breathe… and Take Moment for yourselves

Now, this is an important one: don’t forget to breathe!
Wedding day in Tel Aviv can be overwhelming. It’s easy to forget that this day is actually about you and the person you care about the most. We urge you that at some point you’ll quietly slip from the rumble, with your partner, and just breathe together for a while. Many hotels in Tel Aviv have roof access with view to the sea. This moment is the perfect opportunity to make use of this Tel Aviv hotel rooftop…

Sea Executive Suite: the Perfect Choice for Wedding Day Hotel in Tel Aviv

If you’re looking for a hotel in Tel Aviv which can be your base of operations, the Sea Executive Suites boutique hotel is the best choice to consider.

Stay in style, luxury and comfort at the best location in Tel Aviv. Enjoy personal service from our staff, and plenty of surprises we have for our engaged guests. In the morning following your wedding night, the hotel offers a special breakfast-in-bed treat, and access to all our facilities: sauna, gym, and of course the hotel’s famous roof, with its breathtaking view of the beach and the city’s skyline.

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