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Chol Hamoed Pesach is a great time to spend quality time with family by making cherished memories through a mini-vacation. Make your vacation extra special by choosing Tel Aviv to be your home base–the best location in Israel to create your home away from home! From beautiful, and centrally located Tel Aviv you can indulge in some amazing day trips in and around the city.

Apollonia National Park

If you and your family enjoy history and nature, but don’t want to travel far to enjoy an exquisite day trip that ecompasses both aspects, then put this on your list of places to visit during Chol Hamoed. From archeological sites, to flora and fauna, this historic yet picturesque site is highly recommended. You can meander along and enjoy the sites, have a picnic and immerse yourself in one of the great attractions in Israel. Not far from Tel Aviv, Apollonia National Park is just a short drive away.

Ice Skating Rink (Holon)

Treat your kids to performances during Chol Hamoed at the local Skating rink in Holon. In just a 10 minute drive from Tel Aviv, you can take your kids to a fun and original day of performances at a venue that they likely don’t visit often. The entertainment will include stand-up performances, which will take place on Tuesday-Thursday, April 11-13 and Sunday, April 16 from 11: 00-15: 00. In addition, between April 12-18, there will be a special 3D movie! Call ahead of time to confirm that there aren’t any changes to the performance schedule.


Sarona, an urban dream for the whole family, is a city in-and-of itself. Built on what used to be a German Templar Colony, the massive complex has so many stores, restaurants, and even a beautiful indoor market. But Sarona is even more magical during the holidays, This Passover during Chol Hamoed, Sarona will offer a variety of activities for kids. You can spend a lovely day there walking around and watching the special entertainment. Just across from Azrieli, Sarona is easy to access by car or bus.

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