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Spend a memorable Passover in Tel Aviv


Treat yourself to an unforgettable Passover in the holy land and make Tel Aviv your home away from home. Experience this special holiday deep in tradition and spirit that can only happen in Israel.

Community Seders in Tel Aviv

Many synagogues, as well as Chabad, go out of their way to create community seders for all ages so no one is left behind. The English speaking community of Tel Aviv is quite active in the English-speaking Chabad programs and synagogues that attract olim from around the world. This is a friendly, vibrant, interesting community that you cannot miss! You will need to book your spot in advance so don’t delay. Join English speakers, olim and tourists in the holy land for a special seder night. Here are a couple ideas:

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue is located in central Tel Aviv and their holiday meals never disappoint! If you want a high-energy, holiday event this is a great option since the Rabbi is full of spirit and encourages lots of singing! All of the information can be found on their website.

Chabad on the Coast is the English speaking branch of Chabad in Tel Aviv. Their community seder is going to be a success, based on their past events. They attract many tourists, along with local olim.

Free Admission to Select Museums

Passover in Israel means vacation time for many. It is a special time for both locals and tourists since many museums across Tel Aviv (and throughout other parts of the country) will not be charging admission during Chol Hamoed Passover (April 12 – April 16)! Bank Hapoalim has been sponsoring this annual tradition for the last 12 years, and it’s a great time to be in Israel and explore many museums free of charge. Take advantage of this truly amazing gift!

The museums in Tel Aviv that will be free of charge during those dates are: the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The Yitzhak Rabin Center, and the Nahum Gutman Museum of Art.

Other Attractions

Jaffa is a 30-40 minute walk from Tel Aviv along the beautiful boardwalk, or a quick bus ride. Check out the port that is said to be 4000 year old, and stroll through the old city of Jaffa. You will enjoy the quaint surroundings and beautiful shops and galleries. Be sure to go on the 12th or 13th between 10:00 am and 16:00 am and walk to Kikar Kedumin (Kedumin Square) in old Jaffa to see the free special Passover festivities and entertainment.

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