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Shavuot celebrations



A traditional Procession of First Fruits, the Docaviv Festival, plays for children at the Bialik House (Beit Bialik ) and a dairy picnic on the beach … all these are just some of the activities you can enjoy with your children during the upcoming Shavuot Holiday. All you have to do is book a friendly hotel in Tel Aviv, and you can leave the rest to us! Just enjoy a variety of fun and festive activities with distinctly Israeli feel.

Shavuot is celebrated during the height of spring, just before summer takes over! This is one of the most favorite holidays, giving us time to think and enjoy agriculture, nature, music, and of course family time. This year Shavuot falls on a weekend, providing a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the Holiday in a hotel in Tel Aviv with plenty of activities and interesting attractions for all the family. Just book a family suite in a Tel Aviv hotel, take a screenshot of the list we prepared for you and you are ready to enjoy a weekend full of treats and celebrations that Tel Aviv has to offer!

A Traditional Procession at ‘HaChava’

Shavout at HaChava is certainly a recommended activity! If you fancy staying in Tel Aviv and want to enjoy a ‘kibbutz experience’ this is definitely the place to visit! In the stunning rural area of Ganei Yehoshua you can watch a traditional musical Shavuot Procession of First Fruits and dance to the sounds of traditional Israeli folk songs. Children will love to listen to action stories and all the family can try their hand at grinding flour with millstones, spinning wool and weaving on a loom and more.
Our Recommendation: Start your day with an Israeli breakfast at a hotel in Tel Aviv, and set off for a day of festive fun at HaChava. We’re sure your children will cherish this memory for years to come!
Rosh Tzipor Complex, Ganei Yehoshua

A Walk Down Tel Aviv’s New National Heritage Site, “Independence Trail”

Not far from your hotel in Tel Aviv, you can visit a 10-stop walking route, which has been declared a heritage site and tells the story of Tel Aviv’s foundation and the birth of Israel. Although this does not directly relate to Shavuot, it will definitely add Zionist and educational value to your holiday, and an opportunity to be among the first to visit the trail. The trail begins at Tel Aviv’s first kiosk, located at the intersection of tree-lined Rothschild Boulevard and Herzl Street and takes you along a one-kilometer journey of an additional nine beautiful and interesting heritage sites, connected by a golden path that snakes through the streets of Tel Aviv. Finish the trail by enjoying a cup of coffee at one of the local kiosks, before you return to your hotel. More information can be obtained at the trail’s starting point, along with maps available in several languages.
1 Rothschild Boulevard

In Search of Seven Species at Beit Bialik

Shavuot is one of the Jewish Holidays that emphasizes the value of nature and agriculture. Children are invited to the office of former legendary mayor, Meir Dizengoff, at Beit Bialik, to learn about the celebration of the Seven Species that characterize the Land of Israel according to the Torah. An educational journey with historical figures that teach children in a fun and enjoyable way, interesting facts on about the Holiday and our heritage.

Our Recommendation? After learning about the Seven Species and before you return to your hotel in Tel Aviv, don’t miss a visit to Carmel Market! A bustling, vibrant market where you can enjoy a variety of delicious street food, at affordable prices!
Bialik House, Bialik Square

Doc-Aviv Festival

Planning to stay at a hotel in Tel Aviv with older children? Leave them to watch a movie in their hotel room, and visit the Doc-Aviv Documentary Film Festival, that takes place every year during Shavuot. The international festival screens an extensive variety of films on various subjects. This year’s festival will open with a film showing musician Dudu Tassa’s trip with the Radiohead Band, in Tel Aviv. Other recommended films include “The Waldheim Waltz”, which received enthusiastic reviews at the last Berlin Festival and a documentary film about Eric Clapton.
Cinematheque Tel Aviv, 2 Sprinzak Street

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