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Another view: girls’ nights out in Tel Aviv


Going out with the girls in Tel Aviv is one of those precious experiences that I refuse to give up on regardless of what I’m doing in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love girls nights in, sitting around someone’s living room, chilling and swigging wine.

However, once you have settled into a Tel Aviv lifestyle, with hot days, pleasant nights and a city pulse that runs 24/7, it’s hard to stay in watching Gossip Girl every day of the week. The overwhelming Cindy Lauper wave of “Girls just wanna have fun” will pass through your soul and you’ll know it’s time to put your face on, get dressed and get out there with your ladies!

There are many delightful places to go for a great girls’ night out in Tel Aviv. Whether you’re looking for a: trendy arty bar; an active party scene or a slap up meal and drinks, there’s ample supply. Either way, it’s all about discovering the best combination of drink, food, eye candy barmen and atmosphere.

Does it take planning? Motivation? A Credit Card? – The answer to all three is basically – yes, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Furthermore, I have taken the liberty of boozing, giggling and having a boogie in most of the places in this town so I have a few serious recommendations for you – It’s been a challenge but I have managed to break down a short list of 4 of my favorite places to go on a girl’s night out.

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