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Follow the fashionista, where the locals stock up on style


When you are done looking for souvenirs and presents to bring back home, why not spend some time exploring the boutiques and studios where Tel Avivians go to find the newest addition to their signature, effortless and eclectic style. Israelis love their shopping malls and although we do understand the appeal of strolling through a pleasantly cool, air conditioned mecca of stores with everything you could possible want within reach, that is as far from a local shopping experience as you can get. Ready to venture away from the beaten path? Allow us to share some of our favourites for some sartorial inspiration.

Aderet Vintage Shop 53, Bugrashov Street

If you think shopping for retro clothing happens only in dusty basements and moldy attics, you clearly have yet to step foot in Aderet Vintage Shop. Located on the ever-stylish Bugrashov Street, a short walk from Sea Executive Suites, the store was established in 2005 to curate a diverse collection of eclectic vintage clothing and accessories for men and women. The racks are filled with items ranging from throwback 1950s pieces to contemporary designs where the stock changes weekly. Pick up gently worn jackets, shirts, hats, glasses, jewelry and bags that you definitely won’t find at your go-to stores. Bonus: Not only do you get to shop, you can also reminisce about your favorite fashion eras.

Fiocco Nero 4, Shlomo Hamelech Street

In the back room of a hair salon close to Rabin square lays the headquarters of Idan Vanunu’s shoe label, Fiocco Nero. Idan trims hair by day and handcrafts genuine leather men’s dress shoes by night. He has lately added a small collection of shoes for the ladies as well. His collection is mainly made up of oxfords, boots and derbys in usual and unusual colours (berry red or salmon creme anyone?) complete with his signature bow tie stitched on the side. To see a pair for yourselves, call on the shop – in true gentlemen fashion, showings are done by personal appointment only or head to his webshop at

Naomi Maaravi 9, Ruhama Street

For a real treat head down to the Noga quarter, located on the border between Florentine and Yafo, Noga is the home of designers, artists and creatives and has managed to stay under the radar for a long time. You will not find many fellow tourists wandering the quaint little alleyways, but you will find style, design and character in plenty. One of the most popular stores belong to designer Naomi Maaravi. She digs into the stories of old clothes to create up-cycled, high-fashion pieces with a past. Ten years ago, Naomi created her first piece for her daughter, using a pair of her husband’s worn-out jeans, but her story goes back even further: to her father’s lesson that every item, even an old or broken one, has a soul and a story. Now, Naomi fashions high-end, eco-couture suits for all occasions. With this combination of art, fashion and storytelling, you’re not just getting an outfit: You’re getting a unique look that’ll stand the test of time.

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