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Tel Aviv for book lovers


The sunny disposition of Tel Aviv may trick the eye, it may scream “I’m all about tanning and partying late” but don’t judge a book by its cover (wait a minute… Maybe you should), Tel Aviv has many sides to it, and it offers many secret hideouts – gems to those of us who prefer to enjoy the beach with a book in our hands, or even from the welcoming arms of a sofa (good thing there’s an amazing view of the sea from the sofa at our lobby…).

Here are are picks of bookstores for any book lover:

Hamigdalor – The Lighthouse
Hamigdalor (the lighthouse in Hebrew) is worth the trip to Lavontin street not only becaue it is one of the up-and-coming areas to see and be seen. The bookshelves that line the walls are full with books that have been carefully selected and curated from all over the world, with a speciality in interiors, crafts and DIY coffee books.

At any given time you will find talented writers and authors who are part of the permanent resident writing group. The team loves helping you find just the right book, so don’t be scared to take advantage, and there are many readings, launches and parties. So follow them on Instagram.
Languges: English, Hebrew
Address: 1 Lavontin st, Tel Aviv

Sipur Pashut – A Simple Story
Sipur Pashut (a simple story) is named after Y.S. Agnon’s famous Israeli novel. Established in 2003, this is one of the most beautiful bookstores we’ve encountered. Designer Brigitte Cartier injected it with color, patterns and private nooks that make you feel like you were the first to discover them. Perusing the bookshelves here is a really fun way to spend an afternoon or more for all ages – there’s a great selection of children’s books as well as fiction, non fiction and art and design books. You can visit there specifically or combine it with a stroll down the alleys of the magical Neve Tzedek neighborhood. Languages: Hebrew, English and more Website Address: 36 Shabazi st, Tel Aviv

Source: Sipur Pashut website


Smack at the heart of Tel Aviv, on Allenby Street, you’ll find Halpers – a bookstore that’s a league of it’s own. Yosef Halper, a New Jersey expat, opened his second-hand book haven after years of working in the industry, and he takes it very seriously. You’ll find rare collectibles, antique documents, as well as a bunch of chick-lits. So don’t be intimidated and feel free to bring your own stack of airplane books and beach reads to sell or exchange. Languages: Hebrew, French, German, Yiddish and Spanish, with a smattering of Dutch, Polish, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. Address: 87 Allenby st, Tel Aviv

Books on Basel
Let us “lift” a phrase from another store review: this is the bookstore equivalent of Mary Poppins handbag. The small bookstore contains more than 2500 books, each selected carefully and lovingly. The core of the collection consists of classics along with architecture, art, fashion and design books and unique pop-up books. It’s a go-to place for boutique publishers who don’t want to “sell out” to the large bookstore chains. Languages: English, Hebrew Address: 32 Basel street, Tel Aviv

Hanasich Hakatan – The Little Prince
If you love coffee as much as you love books, then this is the place for you. This is the second incarnation of this Tel Aviv institution. When The Little Prince had to close its doors a few years back, it caused many a heartbreak. But now it’s re-opened and better than ever with delicious coffee and treats, vintage furniture that will make you want to stay forever and a huge selection of second hand books. Stick around and you’ll find yourself fascinated not only by the books, but by the people. Languages: English, Hebrew and beyond Address: 19 King George street, Tel Aviv

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