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Another view: boys nights out in Tel Aviv


I recently did a blog on Girl’s Nights out in Tel Aviv, and it’s now time to dig into what the guys can do in and around the city. Like the ladies, guys also love sitting around a sofa, eating, playing football related games and drinking loads of cheap booze.

As my male friends tell me, it’s always a good laugh to get out with the lads and go party. Tel Aviv is definitely one of your top options to have a great night out no matter what size group and at a reasonable price.

The big plus sides are: It’s very safe on the streets, when compared with any other parts of the world, and these streets are packed with sports bars, clubs, greasy eateries; all full of fantastic eye candy wherever you look – all the necessary components of a good night out.

Obviously, as with all things, it takes a little bit of cash and it might be worth pre-gaming at your Tel Aviv Hotel before you hit the town. So take your ID, mates and beer goggles and choose from a few of the places I have already checked out for you below:

Sports Bars

Molly Blooms – Is an authentic Irish themed pub which throws occasional live music events. With a highly spirited Irish inspired theme and good quality, burgers, fish and fries style menu, this is a highly recommended place to get a Guinness and watch the football. I wouldn’t advise a group bigger than eight or it might be very hard to get a table.
Located: Near the beach and close to the American Embassy

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