Another view: Kerem Hatemanim, Tel Aviv | Sea Executive Suites

Another view: Kerem Hatemanim, Tel Aviv


Kerem Hatemenim

“Vineyard of the Yeminites” – covers the area behind the Carmel Market and part of Allenby Street and is approximately 15 minute walk from SEA Executive” Suites. It’s a neighborhood deeply loved by the vast majority of Tel Aviv residents and if you ask a “Tel Avivi” about the “Kerem” they will invariably smile and reveal several fond memories of the area.

To the non-familiar visitor, Kerem Hatemenim may feel like a poor man’s version of Neve Tzedek, if you understand the average Israeli’s love for this collection of alleys and back streets, you can accurately say you appreciate what it means to be indigenous to Tel Aviv.

Kerem Hatemenim is a truly timeless place, infused with an authentic flavor of generations gone by. Settled at the end of the 19th century by Yemenite Jews, the neighborhood predates Tel Aviv. It hosts a significant Yemenite and traditional Sephardi community until today. Local architecture is varied and there are .buildings from the British colonial era, through to the Bauhaus period

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