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Family fun in Tel Aviv


Most people think about Tel Aviv, Israel’s cultural capital, as a party town of youngsters – yet the White City has so much to offer when it comes to family vacations.

Walking down Rothschild Boulevard it becomes crystal clear: Tel Avivians truly believe in not having to choose between good old fashioned family values and hip, busy and fun-filled life. Out and about the White City one must wonder: how can these cool moms and dads balance between Yoga and Pilates classes, kids birthday parties, fashion fairs and coffee dates with friends.

Let me walk you through some of the most family-friendly hot spots – so once you visit Israel with your children you can pick up on the „Tel Aviv style”, after the holidays taking the easy vibes back home with you, guaranteeing a new, fresh and fabulous approach to parenthood.

1. Row, row, row your boat

Tel Aviv’s „Central Park”, Park HaYarkon is the ultimate getaway place for anyone and everyone wishing for some peace of mind from the metropolitan madness. The green fields stretch from the city’s North port all the way up to the outskirts of Tel Aviv, divided by a beautiful river. While in the harbor one can enjoy the shopping experience and some well deserved ice creams, the stream is ideal for renting a boat and enjoying a floating picnic in the sun.

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