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Another view: Nachalat Binyamin Artisan Market


There are three words to describe Nachalat Binyamin Artisan Market: Totally. Worth. It.

When I travel, be it for a week, a month or even a year, discovering the distinctiveness of a people and its’ places are a pivotal part of my trip. I like to become absorbed in the local culture and Nachalat Binyamin’s bi-weekly market is one of the best places to do that in Tel Aviv.

About 20 minutes by foot from Sea Executive Suites Hotel, the Artisan Market is readily accessible and close to many other points of attraction: Allenby Street for shopping; the beach (15 minutes by foot); the Carmel Market; and dozens of bars including MASH and the English Pub-both highly recommended tourist bars.

The market is completely pedestrianized and borders Allenby Street. A street performer or two are inevitably singing, dancing or giving a dramatic show at the entrance which is extremely reminiscent of those you see on the streets of New York, London or Paris. It’s thoroughly enjoyable to watch and a great introduction to the artistic and cultural buffet of artwork you are about to experience inside.
Breathe in the aromatic smells of coffee and patisserie items from the myriad of trendy Cafés that line the pavements and spend an enlightening day walking through the market streets.
What’s unique about Nachalat Binyamin Artisan Market?

The Rules

The Artisan Market lets over 200 artists showcase their creations to the public. It is the principal arts and crafts market in Israel and maintains its reputation by having guidelines for the stalls. All the artists presenting are approved by a committee, items need to be handcrafted and authentic and artists must display and sell their own work.

Personally, I feel this is the biggest advantage, as arriving home from my trip with a local gift, only to discover the “made in China” label is a real holiday downer, unless I had been travelling in China. The added incentive of meeting local artists to discuss their work and life in
Israel is also a big part of the event.

Original Gifts

You will something here which is solely Israeli to take home. From Jewelry to paintings, wood carvings and handmade soaps this market appeals to boutique-loving hipsters everywhere. After several hours swaggering from stall to stall I always stop in at Café Dahlia for some locally brewed beers or if you are alcohol free Allenby Street is lined with “Mitzim Bars” (Freshly-squeezed juice bars).
nachlat binyamin market
The Atmosphere
The market is a diverse mix of lively liberal and imaginative folk from many backgrounds. You can feel comfortable whoever you are, whilst inspiring your creative side with other people’s works. From funky door signs to oil paintings the sheer variety guarantees groovy mementos to take home and a great experience to remember.
Acquire priceless gifts (at a fair price) in one of the best Artisan Markets in the world.Open: Tuesdays and Fridays 10 am- 6pm – shops.

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