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Tel Aviv’s hidden treasures: great deals, amazing entertainment value



Telavivians know where the deals are throughout the city, and there are plenty! Spend your time in Tel Aviv like a local. If you stay at the right hotel in Tel Aviv, and you know where to shop, drink and spend your time at the most cost-effective places, then you will enjoy your trip so much more.

Walk Like an Egyptian, Shop Like an Israeli

How many people do you need to go shopping for to bring back souvenirs from Israel? I bet the list is long! Don’t break the bank at expensive touristy shops. Make the short trip from your hotel in Tel Aviv to the famous Carmel Market. No matter who you are shopping for you can find it all there, from souvenir t-shirts, to iPhone cases, jewelry, small paintings, Israeli music, and much more. While you are there, take advantage of the prices of the produce, and buy some to take back to your hotel in Tel Aviv. The market has the best prices and largest selection.

Sunday-Thursday: 0800-early evening
Friday: 08:00-about two-three hours before the start of Shabbat
Saturday: Closed

Bus 4, 104, 204 from Ben Yehuda near your hotel
Monit Sherut: 4
Walk: 15 minutes


Tel-O-Fun: Transportation TLV Style

Tel Aviv is known for beautiful cycling paths along the sea, throughout quaint neighborhoods and throughout Park Hayarkon. It is one of the most popular ways for locals to get around at a low cost. The city bikes, Tel-O-Fun, have hundreds of stations throughout the city that allows for easy access to find and return bikes. Every ten minutes there is another station, which is amazing since you don’t have to worry about where to put your bike along your journey. With only $20 USD per week you can rent a bike with no added costs, as long as you return it every 30 minutes, wait 10 minutes before taking a new one. You can find a station on the boardwalk about five minutes from your hotel in Tel Aviv.

Quality Coffee, Sandwiches and Groceries, Dollar Store Style: Yes, You Read that Correctly!

When people hear that food and groceries are so cheap, they immediately wonder the catch is, what are they actually getting for such a dream price that is unheard of in most places. Well, believe it or not, Cofix and Super Cofix are the real deal (pun intended). Cofix has grown throughout the city and people line up at all hours for their coffee and freshly squeezed juice ranging from $1.50 USD to $2.00 USD. Their fresh sandwiches and baked goods are not far behind in cost. With the success of Cofix, they later opened Super Cofix, the grocery store that you will want to know about, especially since it is less than a five-minute walk from your hotel in Tel Aviv. With prices less than $5 USD per item, you can find all you need from a small selection of produce to dairy products, bread, canned goods and more.

Many Cofix (coffee shop) branches can be found throughout the city.

Super Cofix (supermarket) is located on 23 Ben Yehuda St.
Sunday-Thursday: 07:00 to 22:00
Friday: 07:00 to 16:30
Saturday: 21:00 to 23:00

Happiest Hour of the Day: Clink Glasses with the Locals

Locals know that most bars have happy hour deals and this information alone can save you tons of money. When you buy one drink, you get the second one free. You and your friends can order all of your drinks between 18:00-20:30 and then you are set for the night! You can check many of the bars along Dizengoff since most have happy hour deals. One amazing bar that is one of the top places to be in Tel Aviv is Concierge at the corner of Dizengoff and Frishman. With welcoming decor, a great variety of cocktails and amazing service, you can join their happy hour from 18:00-20:30 and get two-for-one cocktails (or 1+1 as they say in Israel). The bar is just a 10 minute walk from your hotel in Tel Aviv, at 95 Dizengoff st (Happy Hour 18:00-20:30 daily)

Stay in Style and Save Money: Classy Hotel by the Beach

Stay in a suite and save money on restaurants by making your own lunches and dinners, and take advantage of the complimentary, delicious, fresh buffet breakfast at your hotel in Tel Aviv. If you choose accommodations in the right location you can also forgo a car rental and stay centrally located at a hotel in Tel Aviv that is close to all of the attractions, and across from the stunning beach. Enjoy Tel Aviv like a local!

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