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Essentials for an ideal Tel Aviv vacation


A prepared traveller is a happy traveller! There are so many things to think about when planning a trip to Tel Aviv from across the globe. It’s nice to have some useful tips ahead of time, including information on a great hotel in Tel Aviv. We have compiled a list of essentials to help you plan your dream holiday in Tel Aviv.

Create a list of apps to download or bookmark

Google Maps: You likely use this great feature in your home country, but it is especially handy when you want to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood, get walking directions or search the best routes.

Gett: This taxi app is indispensable in Israel, and is especially popular in Tel Aviv. The sites and attractions in the city are so close together, but sometimes you may just want to take a cab at the end of the night and find one with the click of a button.

Waze: This Israeli app is gaining popularity worldwide, but is a staple in Israel for any driver. If you rent a car, you will want this amazing, accurate, real-time GPS to guide you to your destination from your hotel in Tel Aviv.

Moovit: Another popular Israeli app that is a must if you plan to use the awesome transportation in Tel Aviv and throughout the country: Moovit. This app will help you navigate the transit system from your hotel in Tel Aviv, find the best route and plan according to bus/train schedules.

Beach Wear and Accessories

Flip Flops/Sandals: There are two kinds of beach people: flip flops people and sandals people. We are not promoting either type of shoe, but whichever is your go-to beach shoes, don’t forget to pack them!

Bathing Suit / Sun Protectors: As you throw in your favorite bathing suit, don’t forget the three sun shields: sun hat, sun glasses, and sunscreen. The Mediterranean sun is healing, soothing and relaxing, but also very strong, so protect yourself!

Exploring Tel Aviv

Sports Shoes or Supportive Sandals: Tel Aviv has beautiful walking paths throughout the city. The promenade near your hotel in Tel Aviv is a popular walking route that extends from Jaffa in the South to Northern Tel Aviv. Other popular paths are on Rothschild, and David Ben Gurion Blvds. Additionally, there are many quaint, beautiful and popular neighborhoods for walking around such as Neve Tzedek, Jaffa, Kerem Hateimanim, and much more. Tel Aviv is a true walking city, so bring comfortable shoes.

Breathable Fabrics (like cotton): Synthetic fiber does not breathe in the heat and can make for an unnecessarily, hot and uncomfortable day or evening when spending a long time outside in the heat. Try to bring cotton tops, for example, that breathe in the heat and will help you to stay cool.

Miscellaneous Items

Medical Insurance: This may not be on the top of your list, but it is important to consider. It is an added cost to your trip, but it can save you lots of money in the event of a medical emergency, or even in the case a minor medical condition that may require treatment. It is highly recommended to invest in health insurance prior to travel

Valid Passport: A valid passport for Israel also means that it’s valid for at least six months from your travel date. If it expires within six months, you could be denied boarding at the airport. Always keep your travel documents current.

Insulated water bottle/Back Pack: It’s comfortable, convenient and cost efficient to have your own insulated water bottle as you travel around the city and beyond. You will notice many locals sporting their personal water bottles. And while you are at it, it doesn’t hurt to throw in a small pack back in case you decide to take a day trip to other parts of the country.

Most importantly: Choose the Right Hotel in Tel Aviv

It is ideal to stay in central Tel Aviv at a hotel that is close to so many attractions and restaurants in the city. An added bonus is staying across from the stunning beach, where you can see it, and hear it from your room and be there as soon as you step outside. The best option is the Sea Executive Suites. The hotel provides luxurious suites so you can have a home away from home as you enjoy Tel Aviv with everything at your fingertips!

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