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My Tel Avivian chick flick



Spend a full day and evening with your BFF in Tel Aviv. Discover all the options available so that you can have the best girls’ day and night ever. It will be so amazing that you will need to have girls’ nights when you return to your hometown to share your stories!

Indulge in a Free Hotel Breakfast then Relax on the Beach

How about rolling out of bed, putting on your bathing suit, and heading first to your free hotel breakfast. You might as well start your beach day with some energy! Then choose from one of the glorious beaches outside your door from Banana Beach to Bograshov Beach (just steps from your hotel in Tel Aviv). Any beach will allow you to bask in the sun on tanning beds (for a small fee of about 12 NIS) and you can purchase drinks and snacks while you chat away with your BFF and work on your tan!

Become Fashion Models While Cooling off at the TLV Fashion Mall

After a couple of hours in the sweltering heat, it’s time to cool off at the most unique and talked about mall–the most perfect place to go with your girlfriends. This mall is a fashion mall. Yes, you read that correctly. The mall has popular fashion chains such as Adidas, Mango, Fox, Calvin Klein, Zara, and much more. The mall is easy to get to by bus from your hotel in Tel Aviv, it’s in a happening area with a great vibe, and you will want to shop till you drop while you bond over girl talk.

Address: Hashmonaim 96
How to get there: take bus 63 from Ben Yehuda and Bograshov near your hotel in Tel Aviv

Ladies of Leisure at Room Service for Afternoon Tea

From elegant decor, to the beautiful dishes full of intricate detail and fun summer drinks, (not to the mention the great food), it is the closest thing in Tel Aviv to the traditional “afternoon tea.” After shopping at the TLV Fashion Mall relax over afternoon tea.

Address: 245 Dizengoff Street
How to get there: take bus 174 from the mall to Room Service

Cocktails in Style at Spicehaus

Known for the coolest, most original cocktails and a great crowd, Spicehaus, otherwise known as the East Jaffa Perfume Company is the ideal place to have a girls’ night out. They have lots of great appetizers and too so you can certainly have dinner and drinks together. You will love the atmosphere and drink experience.

Address: 117 Dizengoff Street ( 15 walk from your hotel in Tel Aviv)
How to get there: take bus 174 from the mall to Room Service

Choose a hotel in Tel Aviv that is ideal for your BFF day and close to everything

After a day of laughing, talking and reminiscing, you will want to head to a hotel where you can enjoy a rooftop view of the beach and just chill there while you discuss the great day you had and chill before getting ready for your girls night. The best hotel to bring into your girls day fun is, the Sea Executive Suites. Don’t miss out on the last minute deals that await you. Book your suite today.

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