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Things To Do In Tel Aviv


After almost 2 long years, Israel has finally opened its borders to international tourists as travel restrictions ease after the country weathered the last COVID wave. This is incredibly exciting news and also a great opportunity to tell you about some of the great activities and cool things to do in Tel Aviv that await you in this coming summer.

Maccabiah Games 2022

Over 10,000 Jewish athletes from 80 countries will participate in 3,000 tournaments in 47 different sports in the upcoming Maccabiah Games, also known as the Jewish Olympics.
This year marks the 21st Maccabiah Games that will be held from July 12th to 26th, 2022, in three host cities: Haifa, Jerusalem and Netanya. Although Tel Aviv is not a host city this year, since the Maccabiah takes place every four years and is the third-largest sporting event in the world (!), we included it in our list nonetheless.
So, if you want to do some traveling (the distance between Netanya and Tel Aviv is only about 30km and Haifa and Jerusalem aren’t that far either) and see some exciting sports tournaments, check out the Maccabiah Games.

TAU Botanical Gardens

Some 8 acres of tropical plants, cacti and succulents, medicinal plants and much more are used for research and academic studies in the Tel Aviv University Botanical Gardens, but are also available for the enjoyment of the public.

This is one of the most beautiful and best places you can tour in the Tel Aviv, Israel, with almost 4,000 plant species from Israel and the world. Here, you can take a break from the fast pace of the city and join a guided tour of the gardens to learn some incredible facts about the plants you see.

There is also a section for the visually impaired, where you can feel and smell plants and learn about them through Braille signage.

Wakeboarding in Lake TLV

The largest water ski site in Israel is the perfect place to spend a few hours or even a whole day during the hot Israeli summer.
Lake TLV is located at the center of the green Menachem Begin Park in the southern part of Tel Aviv. The ski center offers a wide variety of fun things to do in the water like skiing and extreme sports activities. The water skiing experiences are suitable for all – experienced and amateurs, young kids and adults.
You can take a private lesson for 220 ILS and a daily ski pass will cost you 300 ILS.

Na Lagaat Center

A unique non-profit arts and cultural center that is a meeting place for deaf, blind, deaf-blind individuals and the general public.
The center offers some incredible and memorable experiences. In the BlackOut restaurant you sit down to eat in complete darkness and are served by blind individuals. This is the only dark restaurant in Israel and one of only 14 in the world. In the workshop center you can gain a new perspective on living with a sense impairment, while you participate in workshops led by deaf, hearing impaired, deaf-blind or visually impaired individuals. And there’s also the theater that grants deaf and blind people the opportunity to express themselves on stage.
For more information about this one of a kind center:

Old Jaffa Museum of Antiquities

The museum is located in a building that is itself an incredible piece of history, built in the times of the Ottoman Empire on top of a crusader fortress from the 11th century.
Inside, there are displays of ancient archaeological items, as well as rotating contemporary art exhibitions. The ancient artifacts tell the story of the various civilizations that conquered Jaffa, from the Stone Age, Canaanites, Persians and Philistines to the Greeks, Romans and British, and every civilization in between.
Address: Mifrats Shlomo 10 Sreet, Jaffa