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Top 5 things to experience in Tel Aviv this summer


Tel Aviv is such a vibrant city with endless possibilities. Instead of aimlessly walking around, check out our top five suggestions for a perfect holiday in Tel Aviv:

The Old Man and the Sea: Hemingway’s Legend Lives at Jaffa

If you don’t experience an amazing grill restaurant, you haven’t really visited Tel Aviv! As soon as you sit down at this popular and delicious restaurant in the Jaffa Port, the waiters come rushing over with falafel, pita and endless, dishes of a variety of salads–all with free refills. If you are a fish and meat lover you can order those tantalizing meals separately.

Hanger 1, Jaffa port, Jaffa (15 minute walk from your hotel in Tel Aviv)
Phone: 053-8094346
Sunday-Saturday 11:00 – 24:00

Shalvata: Great Food, Elegance, and a Stunning View

The food is delicious and varied from salads to pizza, seafood and meat, but it is the view and atmosphere that really stands out at Shalvata. You can order drinks and just gaze at the view of the sea, or have dinner and spend an elegant evening outside. The entire venue is outdoors so it also has a tropical feel

Tel Aviv port (Take buses 4, 104, 204, or Monit Sherut #4 just one block from your hotel in Tel Aviv)
Phone: 0539442873
Sunday – Saturday 9:00 – last customer

Florentine: Mingle with the Coolest Crowd in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s best kept secret is the nightlife on Florentine Street in South Tel Aviv. With a short bus ride from your hotel in Tel Aviv, you can join a wonderful nightlife. With many bars up and down the street and the eclectic, friendly crowd you are sure to have a great time.

Take bus #4, or Monit Sherut #4 just one block from your hotel in Tel Aviv.

Carmel Market: Bargain, Hunt and Indulge

It is easy to spend a couple of hours exploring the market and checking out all the souvenirs, jewelry, clothes, restaurants and fresh food stalls. Come hungry because you will not be able to resist the food, whether it’s the fresh pita and za’atar, delectable halva, fresh fruit and veggies, and much more!

Take buses 4, 104, 204, or Monit Sherut #4 just one block from your hotel in Tel Aviv.
The market is open every day except Saturday, and closes early on Fridays.

Let the City Guide You: Free Walking Tours

You can wander around Sarona, an urban oasis built on a former German Templar Colony, or admire the Bauhaus buildings on Rothschild Blvd, but there is nothing quite like a group walking tour. Tel Aviv has such a rich history and culture that many locals don’t even know all of the specific details of historic events, anecdotes and stories. Experience the city in a different and fun way through a group walking tour near your hotel in Tel Aviv (then you can surprise people with your expert knowledge)!

There are many tours of Tel Aviv to choose from, such as New Europe Tours. Each offers different tours, with knowledgeable guides, fluent in English.

For Easy Exploration: The Best Location for Hotel in Tel Aviv

Stay at a hotel in Tel Aviv that is not only close to all transportation, minutes from shopping, tourist sites and attractions, but also right across the beach! After all, you will need some rest and relaxation during your journey of discovery in Tel Aviv, so you will want easy access to the stunning beach.

The Sea Executive Suites boutique hotel is perfectly located a minute’s walk from the beach, and a close to the city center. You will enjoy charming, luxurious and modern accommodations at the most ideal location. You will also be staying in a suite, instead of a hotel room. There is no other way to create your home away from home while you explore the best places the city has to offer. Don’t miss out on the special promotions that await you. Book your suite today.

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