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Is it safe to Travel to Israel?


Is It Safe to Travel to Israel?

On October 7, everything changed as the war began in Israel. The airports shut down, the streets quieted, and tourists returned home. Israel was preparing itself for a long struggle. However, after four months, there has been a shift, and things are starting to return to normal. Shops are back in business, Tel Aviv is lively again, and restaurants, theaters, concerts, and shows are bringing back the city’s famous energy.

At Sea Executive Suites, we have been doing our part by providing temporary housing for fellow citizens from the Gaza border instead of tourists as usual. Although it has been quite a journey, we are gradually preparing to welcome guests again. Therefore, we think it’s essential to inform you about the current state of things here in Israel and Tel Aviv, where life is returning to normal.

The airlines are returning to fly to Israel

Several airlines have recently declared their return to Israel, which is a promising sign that we’re moving back towards normalcy after the conflict that began on October 7th and resulted in the closure of our airports. This was a significant setback for everyone, highlighting the severity of the situation. However, a steady stream of carriers reopening routes and reconnecting Israel with the world indicates that things are improving. 

Here’s a list of the airlines that have recently declared they’re flying back to our skies:
– Aegean Airlines
– Uzbekistan Airlines
– Austrian Airlines
– Ethiopian Airlines
– Etihad Airways
– HiSky
– Hainan Airlines
– Tarom
– Lufthansa
– Swiss International Air Lines
– FlyDubai
– FlyOne
– Red Wings Airlines
– Air Europa
– Air Seychelles
– Air France
– Emirates
– Bluebird Airways
– TUS Airways
– LOT Polish Airlines

Current Security Overview in Isreal 

Israel’s security landscape involves ongoing tensions with Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. Periodically, these tensions escalate into brief conflicts or military operations. During these times, rocket fire toward Israel is a common occurrence. The targets are usually in the southern or northern regions, aligning with the source of the conflict. Occasionally, these rockets reach more central areas of Israel. To counter this, Israel employs the Iron Dome defense system, which effectively intercepts incoming rockets. Additionally, there are warning sirens in affected areas for public safety, and citizens are advised to seek shelter in bomb shelters or ‘miklats.’ Typically, these incidents are infrequent, happening perhaps once or twice a year and lasting only a few days.

Impact on Tourists Visiting Israel 

The portrayal of these conflicts in international media might raise concerns about traveling to Israel. However, from a statistical standpoint, Israel is a safe tourist destination. The country boasts a high level of personal safety and remarkably low crime rates compared to many Western nations and their major cities. In terms of crime, visitors are often safer in Israel than in places like the UK, USA, or other Western countries.
Nevertheless, there are specific areas in Israel that advise against travel. Tourists are strongly discouraged from visiting Gaza and its surrounding regions. Caution is also advised in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, including Bethlehem. While generally safe, transportation in these areas can be challenging, and tourists are encouraged to be vigilant. 

Resilience and Hope: Navigating Life and Tourism in Israel Amidst Challenges

Life in Israel is vibrant and active, with plenty of sunshine, delicious hummus, and bustling nightlife. Israelis have a resilient spirit and love for life that is evident in their daily routine, even in times of tension. However, the country is currently experiencing a heavy heart due to the kidnapping of 136 citizens to Gaza. This has cast a somber shadow over the nation’s mood, even though daily life continues.

Despite this situation, tourism has surged in 2023 after the pandemic, with tourists eager to explore Israel’s rich cultural and historical offerings. Their enthusiasm and numbers show no signs of waning despite the challenges faced by the nation.

Should You Travel to Isreal? 

So, what’s the takeaway from our journey through Israel’s recent ups and downs? Simply this: Israel, our beautiful and resilient country, is bouncing back stronger than ever. Picture this: the streets of Tel Aviv are alive with energy, international flights are touching down again, and it feels like Israel is throwing open its doors to the world with a warm, welcoming embrace.

Here at Sea Executive  Suites, we’re more than just onlookers to this incredible comeback story. We’re a part of it, gearing up to bring you back into the heart of Israel’s unique charm and rich culture. Imagine immersing yourself in the history that echoes through our streets, savoring the local culinary delights, or unwinding in a serene escape – Israel is ready to offer you all this and so much more. We can’t wait to welcome you and show you the best of our country and hospitality. So, pack your bags and prepare for an adventure you’ll remember forever. Israel awaits, and so do we at Sea Executive Suites!