An Unforgettable Wedding Proposal In A Suite - Sea Executive Suites

Moving And Exceptional – An Unforgettable Proposal In An Unbelievable Presidential Suite


This list of ideas can actually go on and on, because the sky’s the limit when you pair this insanely indulgent suite with a romantic and unique event such as a marriage proposal. In other words, what we’re trying to say is that if you’re planning a proposal, why not turn it into an event that combines as many once-in-a-lifetime elements as possible – A surprise, an experience of luxury, endless fun and countless treats?

And just to make sure the treats keep coming, couples who choose to use the presidential suite for their proposal will also enjoy the I Said Yes package, which includes:


★ Champagne

★ A seasonal fruit platter

★ Luxurious robes and slippers

★ Select amenities made by Sabon Shel Pa’am brand

★ VIP treatment

★ A rich breakfast served in the privacy of your hotel room (you can choose the menu which also includes vegetarian, vegan and superfood options)

★ Private parking

Now that’s how you propose! 💍👈