Another View: Instagram in Israel

Another View: Instagram in Israel

Another View: Instagram in Israel

Instagram started a worldwide social media frenzy in 2010, however the popularity in Israel has only recently taken off. The media scene in Israel is dominated by Facebook and it would seem that Twitter has had a hard time penetrating the market. Only with the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook did the Instagram boom happen in Israel.

Now, Instagram grows from strength to strength with tourists and locals alike using it as a tool for photographic footprints. Instagram is changing how the world views Israel, with Tel Aviv fashionistas and story tellers updating us on their day to day experiences, Tourists uploading their view from their bathroom in their Tel Aviv suites to the hazy nights out in Florentine.



Instagram is a voyeur’s paradise and there is enough eye candy in Tel Aviv to turn anyone into a serious diabetic.  From the beautiful people to the dreamy beaches, it’s all being uploaded and put on display, direct from the millions of mobile phones clicking away around the country.




In short – it’s gone Instagram – crazy.

Israel has managed to give birth to the most creative Instagrammers in the world: from putting the spotlight on Israeli fashion with @moodyroza  or street chic @karennor to the deeply artistic @alonik  or @happyintlv.  There are sporty Instagrammers such as @roco_runs and obsessive foodies @litalrozenshtein  who complete the social narrative of the city through their Instagram blogging.  The scene is loud, vocal and visual and everyone wants to be a part of it.


The great advantage to Instagram is that because it is largely visual, the language barriers that you may feel in Facebook aren’t so prevalent, which suits a multicultural and cosmopolitan type following such as the holiday Instagrammers.  Also with large French and Russian speaking communities, Instagram allows them room to voice their life experiences, without saying a word in Hebrew, Arabic or English.

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